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Any experience with Caldwell AR15 Magloader

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Hey guys…there’s a Caldwell AR15 mag loader on sale for $40 with 5 ammo boxes included. It “looks” like it works pretty well and the reviews are mostly positive. Just wondering if any of you guys have ever tried this…and if so, how well does it work?



Caldwell product number: 397500

Its listed on Caldwell for $100 and seems to be $60-$80 most other places…so on sale at $40 seems like a good deal…just don’t wanna through away $40 if it’s a POS. If anyone has one or knows someone that does, let me know what you think about it. Thanks…

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22 hours ago, shooterrex said:

This is what I use most of the time.

The one they make for 7.62x39 also does Grendel and 6 ARC.



I didn't know that maglula made one for 7.62X39.  I'll have to look into one for my grendels.

Edit:  30 minutes later one is on the way from Midway.  On sale to boot.  Thanks

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Sorry, I can't get a link because Windows has hijacked my computer for an update and when that happens the kindergarten programmers that do the updates think my computer belongs to them. I hate Windows! Basically my computer has been down for 24 hours. Back now. I still hate Windows!

I've been using the ETS magloader for rifle mags for years of competition. I can load a days worth of mags, 30 rounders in minutes. I've used it for 9mm, 300BLK,  and 5.56. Like most loaders (not all) the rounds need to be in boxes with the base up. No specific box though. My boxes are Dillon, but since I case gauge all of my 9mm ammo 100 at a time with the appropriate case gauge (shockbottle) it's no big deal to put them in the boxes. It goes really fast. It also works with factory ammo boxes.

The Maglula pictured above works really great too for 5.56 and 300BLK, is much smaller, is less frail, and doesn't require special boxing. It's not as fast as the ETS, but I always have it in my range bag. Maglula makes really good stuff! Love their 10/22 loader/unloader too!

ETS also makes a loader for handgun mags but I never got mine to work and no longer have it. I gave it away to someone who also couldn't get it to work. I was loading 9mm M&P mags, he was loading 9mm Glock mags. 


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