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Newbie looking for advise on .308 build

Former 11H

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Hey guys, I want to stay in touch about my build. I just had a financial setback and had to spend $750 on an unexpected truck repair, so purchasing the router, mag well vise block, buffer assembly, barrel shroud, and stock will have to wait a while.

Speaking of stocks, I’ve been considering the Magpul PRS. I’d love to hear from anyone who knows of other fixed rifle stocks with adjustable LOP and cheek pad. It would be nice to check out all of my options before buying one. 

The jig from 5D finally arrived. It appears to be well engineered. 

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Don't sweat it, man - we'll still be here.  Do what you have to.

I have an original PRS, and it's one boat-anchor heavy MFer.  I like it for the build that I did.  If I was in the market for another one, I'd do the new-ish PRS-Lite.  Cuts out some big weight. On the .260, I used a carbine recoil system, and mounted the AB Arms Urban Sniper Stock.  Love that thing.  I'll be picking up another one soon.

I know you're going Rifle Recoil System - but for Carbine Recoil System, this is my new go-to. 


A*B Arms Urban Sniper Stock (USS) - General Discussion - 308AR.com Community

A*B Arms AR-15 Urban Sniper Stock - AR15Discounts

Now, I'm really, really wanting to try the new-ish B5 Systems Precision Stock...  which I'll probably do over the AB Arms unit.  I wanna try this one.  It weighs 20.65oz, which is pretty light, for all it does.  Again, collapsible stock setup.

We can change your recoil system, and still get it right for what you want to do...  Just gonna need a heavy buffer from Clint @ Heavybuffers.com...

Review: B5 Systems Precision Stock - The Armory Life

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