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Just now, NightStalker said:

I have a Burris 1-6x24 that I’ve used on my AR’s in the past. It’s now found it’s way to my new AR308 and curious if the hold overs will still be accurate for the 308. Any ideas or experience with this. 

Tell me the exact model of Burris that you bought, and what reticle option you have in it, and I'll look at it.  I'll be able to tell you if it will be off, close enough to work with, or no bueno.  List the exact scope.

What ARs in the past did you shoot this with, and how close was it with those ones?  5.56?  Distance matched, at full distance, like 600 yards?  What ammo in 5.56 was it dead-nutz on?  Details matter, when trying to figure this stuff out on a BDC scope.

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 I can tell you for certain, that the difference between 75 or 77 grain 5.56 precision loads is damn near identical to the trajectory from a .308 Win 168gr precision load.  So much so, that you can share bullet drop information between those two loads, over many of the same distances.  They're almost twins, for trajectory over distance.  Once you move to a 175gr .308 Win load, things change.  Little less drop over longer distances, over the 168s. 

This all comes down to what Burris you bought, and what Burris (the company) calibrated that BDC reticle for in the first place.

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I was poking around yesterday with some of your other comments, and guessed it might be the RT6 with that reticle.  It's pretty far off for .308 Win use, but I was basing that off my own dope on my 178gr .308 Win load.  I'll look around more, and see if some other .308 Win common trajectories will work out to the 600 on that scope.  I'll get back to you in a couple days on that part of it.

FWIW, I'm very familiar with Grendel and distance, loads and drop to yards, on that caliber.  Fire off questions on that if you have any.

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14 hours ago, NightStalker said:

I’ve been looking at swampfox for awhile.

I've almost gone there several times, but I've stayed away just for the offereings that they currently have.  All the BDC scopes are for light projectiles (55gr for 5.56 and 150gr for .308).  The .mil scope reticles they offer haven't interested me yet.  Close, but not yet. 

For their BDC scopes, I honestly thing they need to get up on the heavies, and make BDC scopes for heavy projectiles.  75/77gr 5.56 loads are damn near identical to 168gr .308 Win loads, over distance, and with wind.  If they did something like that, I'd be on it like a fat kid on a cupcake. 

I'd look at Primary Arms, if I were you, and were hunting for something BDC.   I can vouch for those BDC scopes, over distances out to 850 yards. 

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