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Canik SFX Rival


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I'm going to start this by giving high marks to Turkish guns. Maybe not all, but of the 2 manufacturers I've fondled lately, Canik and Sarsilmaz, aka SAR, they are very good quality for the $ and flat out, just very good handguns, period.

I stopped by the LGS today and got to discussing Turkish guns and those 2 brands were mentioned yet again. They had a mess of SAR guns and a new shipment that had just arrived. But this post isn't about SAR guns. Then Canik was mentioned because I owned one (TP9 SA) and sold it, not because of quality issues, but because it didn't fit me correctly. That was years ago. The gent I was discussing this with, walked me over to a display case and handed me a Canik Rival. A very nice handgun that fit me and I do believe it came with different backstraps for different hands. But he reached in again and pulled out the made for competition SFX Rival. It had a large backstrap installed so it didn't fit me (easily fixed) but the gun is set up right from the factory set up for competition. The first thing I address on pretty much all firearms is the trigger and I make sure I have the required cash to fix them right away. This gun has a trigger that not even my jaded trigger finger couldn't find fault with, and the reset is just relax the finger and it's reset, or so it seemed. In the case is everything needed to set the handgun up for competition, or it's already been installed at the factory. It even comes with a comp' legal holster, all you need to do is supply the gun belt. It has a reasonable price and at the LGS wore a $699 price tag, but to get a handgun of similar quality elsewhere you'd need to go to the custom market. Yeah, it's that good. If I was looking for a handgun for competition, or knew someone who was, I'd either buy it or steer them to this handgun. On the way home I was thinking about how I could acquire one for myself. Then after my lust died a little bit I remembered that I really have enough handguns that I no longer use for competition (I no longer shoot a handgun division), and in fact had a brand new PPQ sitting in the safe that has only had enough rounds put through it to sight it in and check out functioning. I have plans for it, maybe a SBR using B&T parts.

WOW, is that Canik nice! If ever there was a perfect 9mm for competition to be found right out of the box (not custom for much more $) that's the one!

Here's a link to it (below). I'll let you find other reviews on your own. But I can't imagine anyone not being impressed by it. It's been a few hours since I fondled it, and lust for one is still being contemplated by me and I have no use for one. 


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