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Daniel Defense does it again

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I wish those two were the only ones on my list, there's other political arse kissers and once in that category I am swore off, whether the newest gun is cool or not. 

As people do I apply my own life experience to fill in the blanks on why they would seemingly act against their customers. I think they understand how government regulation works, saying the right thing now counts in most government contracts. They have inserted all sorts of social angles when evaluating and awarding contracts, they give government workers weeks of training on how to judge and apply these social games, they took offense when I explained how what they were teaching me was not about a "social contract" but about socialist contracting, saying the right thing does pay cash money. If you don think saying the right thing in public doesn't effect how a US attorney sees your company you live in a fantasy land, might not be all of them but most for sure. It's a mix of survival instinct and cowardice that makes these people roll over like they do. In case someone hasn't noticed we've been splitting society into "teams" for a good many years now, at a fairly rapid rate since a bad flu scared many into line, Marty is simply standing with his team ................. or he's a scared little bitch.

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9 hours ago, beachmaster said:

I think the reality is less... forgivable 

But that part ain't up to me, hell his intentions are irrelevant if they don't change the results when exposed, and sadly they don't. I sure won't help fund him and I most assuredly appreciate the way you call out the money grubbers, cause that's what gets them all, the money, they want to survive to collect that check. I'm always amazed your gootube videos don't get censored, they can't like the exposure you provide to the psyop world, although they do make me look for your videos most times unlike their company line they put in my face.

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