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New Aero/WC 308 build having issues


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3 hours ago, Rsquared said:

Yep. I keep a couple of those throw away style of foil baking pans around just for soaking BCG's.

So, fully submerge the BCG in oil? I’ll find something that’ll work, but is there a specific grade viscosity?  Shooterrex recommended MobileOne, so I’m assuming that synthetic oil is what we’re talking about here. I’ll admit that, at first, I thought Shooterrex simply meant “lube the crap out of the BCG”, my bad.

Looks like I’m waiting until Tuesday, 1/24, before I get my new Armalite spring. I’ll give the BCG a soaking, and continue my research into a scope in the meantime. I moved the mediocre Bushnell BannerII 4-12x 40mm from my 556 over to the 308 for the moment, but I’m eyeballing the Vortex Crossfire II 6-24x 50mm as the permanent glass for the 308. I’d like to  stay on a $300 budget, and funds are tight after building the gun itself. The 308 will primarily be used at the range and some friends are trying to talk me into taking up deer hunting this year, so I’d like a scope that lends itself to that purpose. I know there are plenty of great options out there if you’ve got deep pockets, but those options rapidly decrease when pockets are shallow. I know I’m putting the cart before the horse by thinking optics before I’ve got all the bugs worked out, but research never hurts. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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No suggestions, really.  You have a good plan, and that plan will work for what you want the gun to do, and expect of it.  Run with what you have, and run the gun for awhile.

I'll say this - it's Saturday.  Get that BCG underneath oil - MobileOne synthetic is the suggestion, so that's gonna run you $14-ish for a quart.  Put that BCG underwater (under oil) - see if it'll fit into a tupperware container.  Those things are cheap, and work.  And you can put the lid on when you're done.

Let it soak until Monday - but get that thing out of there and hang it over your oil container - let the excess drip out of it.  You don't want to pull it out of the container of oil, then go straight into the gun, and start shooting.  That shiit will go everywhere as soon as you pull the trigger the first time.  Hang it, let the excess go by gravity for a 24-hr period, then it's ready to go into the gun and head to the range for it's first trip. 

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On 1/19/2023 at 10:02 PM, 98Z5V said:

Numbers sound good - that's progress!   :thumbup:

More progress. Soaked the BCG IN Mobile One for approximately 30hrs and it’s been hanging since last night. After work today, I’ll wipe the bolt face and reinstall in the rifle. I’ll get that Armalite spring in the mail either today or tomorrow. I hope to install the spring upon receipt and get myself to the range soon after.


If the Range-Gods are smiling, I’ll have decent weather and the combination of “fixes” (buffer length, gas port size, spring replacement, and BCG soak) will have resolved my rifle issues. If not, I know enough to take lots of pics and should be able to describe any malfunctions in better detail.

Thanks again for the benefit of the community’s knowledge and experience, I’ll check back soon and keep you updated on my progress.

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Okay, I received my Armalite spring last night. Installed it and managed to get out to the range after work. 
Wow!!! What a difference. Zero issues and I ran everything thru it . . . cheap 149gr 7.62x51 rounds, Hornady .308 150gr Whitetail, .308 165gr whitetail, and PPU Rifle Line 180gr rounds. I have to say, the machine ran flawlessly.

I only had about an hour at the range, but after zeroing my scope I was extremely happy with the accuracy and consistency. At 100 yards, I was able to keep 5 round groups within the same 1-1.5 inch area. Hopefully, I can tighten that up with some more practice. I’m sure that’s a cake-walk for most of you experienced folks, but I’m thrilled.

Thanks again everyone for your advice and experience, particularly 98Z5V for his item by item recommendations!

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Man, I'm just glad the gun is running.  Seriously.  :hail:

This is a science now, on how to fix these things, and apply the proper parts to do so.  I wish more people knew this, and more people applied it.  I thank YOU for applying it, and making your gun run.  I sincerely mean that.  :thumbup:

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25 minutes ago, Rsquared said:

Always love a happy ending.

(yeah, yeah you deviants...you know what I mean)

You're my happy ending, brother - just having you out here makes me laugh, smile, fucking CRY...   You bring out all the emotions...   :lmao::thefinger:

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