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New LAR8 Elite Op (bout time)


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Well day 117 rolled around and it finally showed up. Over all very pleased with the weapon, heavier than anticipated but not unacceptable. Haven't had it to the range yet, only complaint so far is that the upper and lower receiver don't line up very well, very tight and noticed a little wear on the upper and lower receiver where they connect for the rear takedown pin. So tight in fact with the rear take down pin all the way out I could't get it to break open (I checked and checked I thought I was doing something wrong). Had to open front takedown pin and only with a firm grip on either half pull it apart. On re-assembly front pin went in with little effort rear took some pressure and coaxing to get it re-seated.

Anyone else had issues like this?



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unfortunately don't have the cash for a good piece of glass right now. That is a 3x9 nikon hunting scope with the BDC reticle. Im on the fence should I go bipod or a vert foregrip that has a bipod ext?

also intrested in and opinion on this.

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My Lar-8 Standard Operator is 13.5#lbs. with full mag,I use a Vtac sling for standing to support rifle [don't shoot standing very often or for any period of time]. Found balance point to be just in front of mag well.I have been putting bipod [generic] on rail under FS think that been a mistake.Next session will put on handguard since its FF.Just my .02.

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Brother big,you will also notice the pin to the extractor go in one side and does not push thru like 5.56 bolt.RRA put a slight crimp on the other end of the hole for extractor pin.Took me quite a bit of pressure to compress to put pin in with my beat up hands.Also found the ejector VERY stiff to push down,put it on the counter pushed down and put a few drops of CLP and work it up and down.Try it see what you think :o. Other than that easy peasy. ;)

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Before you decide on VFG or bi-pod, consider what you're going to use the rifle for - if you're going to use it for target shooting, get the bi-pod. If it's going to be used for short range stuff, get a VFG. Also, if your intent is to stay with a 3-9x (or more) scope, I would also get a bi-pod. 

I cannot in good conscience recommend the grip-pod. Like most hybrids, it does neither job very well. My unit ordered a few when they were the new hotness several years ago. (Obviously, this was before I retired.) Didn't work out very well. We gave them to our DMR guys and they reported that as a bi-pod, the legs didn't extend far enough and it was a heavy bugger as a VFG.

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  • 1 month later...

I went with the forward grip as I can not see me using a bipod anywhere but the range. Speaking of the range, finally got there today and put 60 rounds through the weapon with out fail. Brass had some minor, abrasion  <dontknow> on the back around the primer and small dent in the shoulder. Not that I'm concerned but had heard other people talking about similar issues on the forum?

The photo is of 8 round at 100yds

Sellier and Bellot 180g Soft Point.

3 groups of 3-3-2

easily below the advertised 1.5 MOA and if I was a better shooter I bet it would be sub 1 MOA.

Not sure why the picture is upside down, even save a copy upside down and reloaded it-still up side down.


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not the first time I've heard that!

That's some nice shooting bigt77!

My Elite is tighter than the full-size Operator.

Hard to beat those Nikons for price...don't get swangled into getting something "better", just hunker down and lear that one.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I just found out Nikon has a BDC specifically designed for a .308, looks to be about $150 more. Not sure if it is a ploy to suck in more business, but I wish I would have known about it when I purchased this last one.

really do you have a link? i could always put the one i bought for my AR on my bolt 30-06:D

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Um, no they don't. But I have a barely used, almost brand new 3x9x40 Nikon BDC for sale $20 off new price (jk) if your interested.

But here it is straight from the Nikon website.

See the M-308 Review from the 2012 SHOT Show!

Haus of Guns Reviews the M-308!

The new M-308 4-16x42 represents Nikon’s Precision AR Optic technology for heavier caliber rifles capable of long-range accuracy. Designed for extreme sighting speed and superior long-range accuracy with the popular 308 Win AR platform rifles, the new M-308 4-16x42 features a choice of either the new BDC 800 reticle, or Nikoplex reticle and precise Rapid Action Turrets, each calibrated for the trajectory of the .308 Win/7.62 NATO Match round with 168gr. HPBT bullet. The high magnification range zoom makes it the ideal optic for AR10 platforms as well as for long range bolt action rifle applications. Includes M-308 one-piece mount, with built-in 20 MOA slope.




Probably going to purchase one after I return from deployment and send the 3x9 to my 30-06.... or... get a new AR to put it on....hmmmmm


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