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Okay, now I need help......

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What stocks can be used on the LR 308 pattern rifles? I'm hoping to find an adjustable one.

Is it critical whether I use a carbine or rifle buffer assy? Or does it matter according to the barrel length? This really confuses me......

I understand also that the 308 receiver to barrel is physically larger then the AR 15. Do I have to order the barrel nut specifically for the LR 308 ?

Last thing today....Is anyone familiar with the JP rifles line of components? I'm leaning toward their floating hand guard assembly..and adjustable gas block..(I handload so I may need it)

Thanks Guys,

C7,  Smoke 'em !

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You need to use .308 specific buffer parts. Look at Slash's chart .

Dpms Parts

.308 Standard Length Buffer Spring 308-BS-10B

.308 Standard Buffer 308-BS-11

.308 Carbine Length Buffer Spring 308-CS-10A

.308 Carbine Length Buffer 308-CS-10B

Brownells has everything as a set. Stock,Buffer,Spring etc. Click Here

If you have a DPMS upper you need a DPMS compatible barrel nut. The free float handguard you select needs to be available with a barrel nut compatible with your upper.

Also be certain your bolt brand matches your barrel extension type DPMS with DPMS. Dont mix brands when combining barrel extensions and bolts

Look at my picture is that the handguard you like?


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  What you have in the image is exactly what I am looking for.


Using the info about the barrel nut and extention compatibility you gave me, I went ahead and ordered the handguard, adjustable gas block with gas tube and the enhanced bolt from JP. looks like a bit over 2 weeks for delivery but the barrel treatment will take every bit of 2 weeks. The G-smith is slow but they are really good.

  Joining this forum was quite possibly the smartest thing I've done since parting with the M1A.

  Thanks for the help...

C7  "Smoke'em"

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Today I picked up the A2 stock and buffer unit for .308...I  have rethought the Magpul stock, instead I'm leaning really hard toward the CAA SPS unit. I like the adjustability. Bolt is in at Riflegear so I should get the headspace checked by Friday. Wouldn't you know it, in all the rush to get all the parts here, I forgot to order the firing pin..  O Well, maybe next week end I can get the barrel shot in...Took the picks and hmmm no charging handle. Gotta go back to San Diego... :-[




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Got the bolt and checked headspace.  "Go/No Go" guage is good but a bit snug.. Bolt will go into full battery with firm pressure ... so, will lug faces wear in or do I need to have the adapter shimmed? suggestions appreciated, I don't need any broken parts.

C7 Prod "Smoke 'em"

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this is a tough one over the web. The surfaces will polish but not really wear in the short term. It should be a little snug but we may judge "little" differently. Maybe someone else can help more..sorry.

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