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All 308 AR Rifles are Not AR-10

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AR-10 is a licensed trademark and model designation of an Armalite Rifle. To eliminate confusion do not refer to your rifle as an AR-10 unless it is a true Armalite AR-10.

Heres what Armalite has to say on the subject

Why does ArmaLite object to other companies calling their rifles “AR-10.”

ANSWER:  First, we object because they aren’t AR-10®s.  The AR-10 is a special rifle manufactured by ArmaLite.  Second, the model term “AR-10® is a registered ArmaLite trademark and may be used only on ArmaLite rifles or rifles made under license.

ArmaLite spent a lot of money producing the AR-10 when no one else would.  We have spent a lot of time building the name and reputation of this rifle and trademark law requires us to prevent others from infringing on the trademark.

In addition, assuring that our model designation is properly used only with our rifle reduces the likelihood of owners of  problematic lower-grade semiautomatic 308  rifles from referring to their problems as “AR-10 problems”. 

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