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What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2


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I tried desperately to wear out the magnetic strip of my CC yesterday. Found out recently when I’m sitting in my company’s shop, I’ve got a gun store 900ft away, it’s never good for me to be that close to one. So I stumble in there, and what’s hanging on the wall, a Serbian 10.5in ZPAP85 Krink “pistol” in 5.56...well damn. I’ve already been eyeballing them for a while, and with the current jokers in charge, you gotta jump on stuff when you see it. 

Sadly even though I live in a free state, the background check service is so overloaded she has to stay in the store for a few days. Obviously pictures will follow when the new girl gets home. Of course buying that means I need all sorts of other $hit to go with it, so I immediately ordered a proper looking AK style SB Tactical, the 1913 pic rail adapter for the rear trunion, and a pile of extra mags. 

Just added up the total I spent for yesterday, and it makes me sad. Should be an awful lot of fun to play with though :banana:

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From camera land: Chronus BTR GEN 2 4.5-29x56 UHD scope


From Larue: LT 111-34 mount, 2 Accuracy 1st scope levels (one for this scope^ and one for the MK12)


From Primary arms: Several Strike Industries enhanced lower parts kits, a couple of their enhanced bolt catches, two Strike angled (curved) fore grips. 

Got a few more things to get in the coming weeks once I find what I’m looking for. 

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plate carrier's are moving quickly. so are the plates.. I don't need them, but get em while you can. I don't have enough to shoot at yet. YouTube has plentiful. mags are a good purchase also. parts kits for lowers or upper are a good idea if things break down. extra bcg x 3!  have a back up plan. you should already have the ammo or you are the problem!🍻🍻🇺🇸 

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So I put a friend in touch with a guy( seller) with a good deal. Friend a born negotiator, talks the guy down but life interferes and had to bail. So I agree to do the deal, I think I did OK...

400rds 9mm, Ruger MK4( under 1K rounds fired)+ 2 mags, Glock 17 or 19( waiting to find out :laffs: under 500 rounds fired) + 4 mags+ holster (unknown) and assorted bits all for $900( $700USD). Being Canada there is some paperwork to deal with.

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8 minutes ago, unforgiven said:

Score brother 🍺🍺😁

If I could get the ammo across the border I could make a small fortune with the prices down there... 

6 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

I think you did great, good deal.

Be even better if I could get @Lonewolf McQuade to put it on your card assuming there is credit left :lmao:

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I'm trying to finish a x39 build I started a while back so I ordered a Young MFG. BCG, a velocity steel case trigger, an H2 buffer, tube and spring, ambi safety and a BCM pistol grip so I put the hurt on the CC too. I'll be damned if I can find any 30rd mags. though, I heard duramags were the only way to go in 7.62x39. Any other magazine options that you guys had good luck with?

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