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What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2


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15 hours ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

Ordered another case of 308 loaded w/ 168gr SMK'S $168. Thanks @Belt Fed !👍

Speaking of my armory financier,  he's been MIA lately......

I heard he had to pick up some extra shifts at the truck stop to keep up with your spending. 

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I know I swore I wouldn't buy any black rifle toys in February, but I guess I'm weak.  Thought this ambi charging handle would be a nice addition to my WW 308 ( I call her Shelly BTW).   https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/bolt-parts/charging-handle-parts/charging-handles/ar-308-warhammer-mod2-ambidextrous-charging-handle-black-sku100043970-144956-262305.aspx  I went a bit large with the scope. So, this should increase my grip real estate.

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So I got that Trijicon MRO optic in the mail a couple weeks back. So I figured, great, time to slap that last SBR lower together out of the gun box, and set the MRO on top of that little bastard. Well? Fuk me. All the parts that I've got laying around here and...........................NO FUKIN STOCK. :lmao: I could have swore that I had at least an old magpul CTR somewhere. But nope, must have used it somewhere along the way. I mean......not even a plain Jane factory style collapsing stock or nothing. Hell....I'm not even sure what rifle I would have built that I would've put that on. That would explain the aforementioned FUK ME statement.

Sooo. I call up my local gunpusher. I mean what could possibly go wrong with that right? Luckily, for me being a Hogue grip kinda guy, he didn't have any. Or the stock I was looking for luckily. Who knows what I would've ended up buying if I had actually gone over there. Though, in his defense, he still tried to talk me into coming on over. :thefinger:

So to wrap this up even before it became a "So I went stumbling through the door of my local gun pusher" story (they never end well for my wallet). I've got a magpul ACS stock and a Hogue grip (both in FDE) coming from Midway to finally finish this little bastard.


Whoa.......long winded on this one. Very loquacious. :laffs:

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