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  I wondered why there was a little time difference in the Annealing of the different brass , well mainly the WW with about 2-3 seconds less then all the others. I always weigh my brass prier to loading ( with primer installed ) & I came up with an average weight of 161.5 gr. for the WW , 171 gr. for the RP( only two ) , 181.8 for the FC & since I had only one LC in the test group , it was 184.4 gr. . 


  I'm thinking the heavier brass was a better heat sink & needed to be heated a little longer then the lighter WW brass., So sorting brass for Annealing is probably a good idea ,if using a timing method . Its why I painted all the test brass with Indicator.


  I trimmed all the brass . Primed , weighed them & charged the FC brass , & upon seating the 175 Nosler match bullets , they all had the same feel in resistance ( as far as I can tell , not scientific ,but you can tell )in seating the bullets .

  I will do the WW's tomorrow . We will see how they shoot & Chrono out .

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  The WW brass were all constant in feel as far as seating the 175 gr. Nosler Match bullets , just a slight difference in pressure feel compared to the FC brass . I picked out the sizing bushing by measuring a loaded round , per Reddings instructions , but was loaded with LC brass & wonder if the make up of the brass or a slight difference in brass thickness could be why it seemed to have a higher resistance feel while seating the bullet with the LC & FC brass . These two brass cases are about the same weight class compared to the WW.


  All in all , the Annealing seems to make the brass very consistent in seating pressure from brass to brass manufactures .Of course all you people doing it already knew that . <thumbsup>  I used a Lee Factory crimp die on the WW brass & a Taper Crimp on the FC brass .

  I'm impressed . Now I get to see how my test brass shoots . 

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I've been using a drill, torch and deep well socket to anneal my brass.

This is what I do. It works great for me and is fast. I'll spin the brass at a moderate speed and hit with propane torch for 7-8 seconds. No more than that, don't wanna over anneal!!!!

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