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  1. Maryland and I got and replied to the PM, it is still available. JW
  2. CMMG MK3 308 Lower with LPK installed. Went in a different direction, need to sell this lower and need to ship to an FFL. I am asking 375.00 shipped. Never been fired, just collecting dust, no tube, spring stock of buffer, just the lower. JW
  3. I tried the slightly wet method, cycled a full mag no issues. Great help guys. Now I just have to get out anb shoot the gyn. I will try to get some pics up. The gun is the DPMS 18" bull barrel with slick side, CMMG MK# Lower, DPMS LPK, A2 tube, Aramlite Rifle buffer spring and one of Slashes xtraheavy buffers, And lastly a Magpul PRS Stock. Just need the glass, a Trijacon AOGC 4X32 with red crosshairs and the Bi-pod. I am thinking I will not machine the upper and If I have problems I will just change out the lowers, but I have to wait 30days in the republic of Maryland. One thing about the CMMG lower , ther is a slight bit of play in the front pin area, but I think I can tighten that up a tad. JW
  4. New to this site just stumbled across it . I like it!!! Anyway i just built a 308 AR. DPMS Upper , slick sided, 18" bull barrel mated to a CMMG MK3 Lower. Got everything together, the mags(DPMS) fit, rifle seems to be fine, however due to the lack of a forward assist, loading a round seemed to be hard, not like the AR 15s i Have built in the past. I did not have the upper milled for the g-3 mags, not sure what they are German or something. Any suggestions, the mags are 20 rounds, it seemed to load better with a few round out of the mag. I hope to shoot it soon, but gotta get the boat ready for charter season. Any input would be very very helpful. also I did buy some rounds that were on sale from cabelas. remans i think , they could be an issue. JW
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