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KS Shooter

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  1. Imschur, never thought of that. .... but are they really in stock - it does say so. have to try. thanks KS Shooter
  2. Where have all the c-product lr308 mags gone? Midway is out until march, 44mag is out as well. just curious who bought them all? I'd like to snag another 10 if they were available. KS Shooter
  3. Everyone, FYI, I had several C-Product 308 mags that had bent floor plates. I looked around to see if any vendors had replacements for them. None did. I contacted C-Products directly and after several tries they called back and sent me free replacement floor plates. I know it wasn't much of a cost, but they stood behind their equipment. KS Shooter
  4. John, thanks for the link. I looked at it on the midway site. looks a lot like the general m14 slings which are good. thanks. At the price of it, one cannot duplicate it that easily and if it is US made, then that is a plus. thanks KS Shooter
  5. 98Z5V thanks for the information. I will look into it. KS Shooter
  6. J Boyette, I think you are misunderstanding what I was asking. And then again, maybe not. I am not out to make slings to sell. I just like to see what others have that works good and see if I can make it for myself for less and have made it myself. I don't know your financial situation and do not want to know, I just know my own and If I can make it myself and save a few dollars, then they can go for other gear that I need. Having said that, if you don't want to share your ideas, that's fine with me. KS Shooter
  7. does anyone have any pictures or links to good tactical and practical rifle slings without breaking the bank? I know that the stock question is what are you putting it on (dpms lr308 classic), what are you going to use it for (shtf and target shooting) and it has to be dependable. I can make them myself if I see the pictures or links. thanks ks shooter
  8. I cleaned my new rifle this evening and then decided to see if it had any problems with my 308 win reloads. These rounds have been tested in othere rifles (M1A, LR308 AP4, LR308/24 inch bull barrel). Never had a problem with the blanks (minus powder and primer) feeding. I put three in the magazine and then pulled the handle back and released it loading the first cartridge. No problem. Second, no problem. Third, the bolt would not close all the way. Tried the forward assist. Didn't help. I could not pull the charging handle back. So, I took the cleaning rod and gently dropped it into the barrel several times and it tapped the bullet back in the case and then the case was released. Ejected it, retried two more cartridges, and worked like a charm. Took the mag out, locked the bolt back, fed the suspect case into the chamber by hand and released the bolt. It slammed forward without a hitch. Tried two more cartridges and no problems. Now is this an issue because they were reloads, however, I have never had a problem with these blanks before? Is this a new rifle issue that just takes a little wearing in? More importantly, it made me wonder how do I handle this issue with live ammo? What have others done in this situation? thanks in advance. KS Shooter
  9. 98Z5V, Do I have the option of free float handguards with the classic rifle which has the standard synthetic handguards and the fixed front site post? I would be interested in free float handguards. KS Shooter
  10. Just like the title says, what handguard options are there available for replacement of the DPMS classic rifle synthetic handguards? thanks in advance KS Shooter
  11. Anyone have the classic lr308 rifle? how good does it shoot? have you changed the handguards on it? to what? What scope setup did you put on it? thank KS Shooter
  12. is it possible to disassemble the c-product lr308 mag? how difficult is/was it? thanks KS Shooter
  13. imshur, no, I don't have a picture. it is the standard handguard that dpms sells with the lr308 with 24 inch stainless steel barrel. If they would have painted or parked the barrel I wouldn't have to take the handguard off. KS Shooter
  14. Just as the subject heading states, how difficult is it to remove the handguard for the lr308 with 24 inch stainless barrel so that the barrel can be painted? Is there a special tool? thanks KS Shooter
  15. SeaBass, how is the bipod mounted on the front? I have an AP4 and want to do the same. thanks KS Shooter
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