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  1. I just joined the site, but my password keeps coming up incorrect. I don't want to get locked out again.

    Can you help?

  2. DNP, please email me and I'll send you some things to take pics of ;) We knew there would be folks complaining how expensive it is for a forged receiver. I will not defend the price point, don't need to, but only point out that the manufacturing methods we use are expensive, we're not making insane margins because it has our name on it. Precisely because it does have our name and logo on it, it needs to be as good as we can make it, good enough has never been an acceptable thing for us. There's no way to win an argument of Timex vs. Rolex, Ford vs. Ferrari, etc., I can argue for either side. Value is a rather subjective thing, what one is willing to pay for something is utterly ridiculous for someone else. As a person that values quality and craftsmanship, I'm wiling to pay a lot for things that are commonly referred to as luxury, but these things tend to perform much better, that too is important to me. We carry our personal traits into the business. Both me and George are honest folks that appreciate finely crafted mechanical things, and we both have very high standards for them. Thus the same pattern is seen in our company's products.
  3. Some first customer pictures, thank you Richard :) The specks are from unboxing
  4. 98 wasn't sent to RA ;) We have reserved most of the sub 100 SNs for internal use :)
  5. The batch allocated to Rainier Arms won't last 1 day, but they were being very conservative, givne the general slow down in the gun business :(
  6. Thank you guys for your support over the years! yhmspecter, please remember to mention m4c in shipping instructions ;) A short story on the short crank (8th lever) and scalloped (7th lever) We have had the short crank since 2011, but waited for the scalloped levers to be completed before updating product pictures. The scalloped levers took much longer to finish, mostly due to our shifting priorities (to receivers, mostly). Both are based on customer feedback and suggestions, like many of our levers. The scalloped lever is based on military moron’s modification of a short lever to better suit his needs. While we kept quiet about this lever he called SRC (short, relief cut), the picture of the modified short lever has been on his blog for years. http://www.militarymorons.com/weapons/ar.uppers4.html#ax556 http://www.militarymorons.com/weapons/img/ax55636.jpg Both levers will be available as early as tomorrow on standalone BAD-ASS 90 and 50 degree selectors, as well as bundles with selectors. BAD-CASS, Cerakoted and stainless steel versions to follow :) All eight levers plus the end cap are modular attachment options for the BAD-ASS family of selectors. A closer look at the 7th lever (scalloped), photo courtesy of Devin at almosttactical.com
  7. Very soon now :) This particular receiver still has some post ops left.
  8. Battle Arms is proud to be a part of this project to pay tribute to the four Navy SEALs of Operation Red Wings, the team mates of SEAL Team 10 and the personnel from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (call sign Turbine 33) who were killed during the rescue attempt. The profits from the sales of these rifles will be donated to various charities to be determined by the Axelson family. Sionics Weapon System is building (100) limited edition rifles for the Axelson family under their business name of Axelson Tactical. The goal was not to simply build a clone of other existing rifles, but rather to make a rifle that combined a variety of designs and concepts and yet remain a practical rifle, I believe Sionics Weapon System has done just that :) Specs: 1. SIONICS 18" SPR stainless barrel 2. Geissele MKII Super Modular Rail, SSA-E trigger and gas block 3. SIONICS Upper and Lower Receiver with special engraving 4. Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pin Set and Ambi Selector Lever 5. B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock and trigger guard 6. Bravo Company MOD 0 Gunfighter pistol grip and charging handle 7. Vltor A5 buffer system 8. Magpul Industries MBUS PRO Sights 9. Pelican Products Rifle Case 10. Battle Comp 1.0 with special laser engraving 11. Cerakote provided by PDWarehouse in Chandler, AZ
  9. To celebrate our Nation's 238th Birthday and Five (5) Year Anniversary of Battle Arms Development, Inc. we are running a 4th of July special starting Friday to the end of the month or until we run out! ORDER > $75 RECEIVE (1) FREE STICKER & (1) FREE PATCH ORDER > $150 RECEIVE (1) FREE STICKER, (1) FREE PATCH, & (1) FREE T-SHIRT Terms: 1. Tax, shipping, insurance and handling do not apply to the order total to qualify 2. Customer may request a T-Shirt size (XXL, XL, L, M, S) in the "Comments” section during Check-Out and we will do our best to accommodate based on availability. 3. No guarantee on size or color of T-Shirt. 4. Color of Sticker and Style of Patch will be given at random 5. Promotion valid while supplies last or until July 31st, 2014 BAD online store :D
  10. We kick off 2014 new products announcement with the Ti light weight gas blocks :) This is a part of the OIP project (Ounce is Pounds), and not available separately, we will have a retail version shortly. Better pics to come.
  11. I can't wait to show them to you guys :D The FA and mag release button will make a lot of sense once you see them. The EPS is about to have a little brother :)
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