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  1. Update: Only (1) box of +1,000 LC LR 7.62 remaining. $320 Shipped 🇺🇸
  2. Update: All .308 & 7.62 is pending here. All the .50BMG is still available.
  3. WTS: 30mm Warne Tactical Maxima Scope Rings. (((Free Shipping))) Details: Brand: Warne Product Line: Tactical Model #: 617M Size: 30mm Height: Ultra-High Finish: Matte Condition: NIB Price: $100 (((FREE SHIPPING)))
  4. WTS: Match Grade brass from Black Hills and Lake City. All “once fired” from high-end precision rifles. Stored indoors, dry and sealed. Prices include USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping. (((Free Shipping))) Details: (2) +1,100pcs lots of Black Hills Match .308Win Brass: $350ea. (2) +1,000pcs lots of Lake City LR 7.62x51 Match. Most is stamped “LC 10 LR”: $320ea. (1) 231pcs lot of Lake City .50BMG Match: $220 I will consider selling smaller lots at the same prorated price, just ask...but, I will not cover shipping with smaller lots. Free shipping on full listed lots. Funds by PP. Full price net to me. You cover PP fees or send with “gift” option is fine too.
  5. WTS: Zeiss Victory PRF Laser Rangefinder & Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics These items are used but in very excellent condition. Glass is near perfect. Minor scuffing/wear on bodies. Very fast and accurate LRF. This has been an amazing LRF and ballistic computer, but I have recently upgraded to the TRPN-X and 5700 Elite. Looking to recoup some cost on my new work investments. I am 100% trustworthy. Buy in confidence. Asking $350ea/OBO on both (((FREE SHIPPING))). Details: Brand: Zeiss Model: Victory PRF T* 8x26mm Range: 10-1300y Condition: Used/Excellent Price: $350 (((FREE SHIPPING))) Brand: Kestrel Model: 4500NV Applied Ballistics Condition: Used/Excellent Price: $350 (((FREE SHIPPING))) Funds: PP F&F/Gift Shipping: CONUS (((FREE SHIPPING))) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/677793-OREG/Zeiss_52_45_61_Victory_8x26_T_PRF.html/?msclkid=c32b643346ef104263eb3b81ee24ca88 https://kestrelmeters.com/products/kestrel-4500nv-applied-ballistics-meter
  6. WTS: (1) Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) Enhanced Adjustable Recoil Pad (EARP2). Adjustable Butt Pad Upgrade for the Magpul PRS. This enhancement allows the shooter to adjust the recoil pad in multiple directions to include: vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. This EARP2 is in used condition. It is 100% fully functional but, shows signs of wear from use (see pictures). It has been Cerakoted "Patriot Brown". I will accept PP (Gift or +3.5%) or USPS Postal MO. Contact by PM or E-mail. ***FREE SHIPPING***(CONUS) Details: Location: St. Paul, MN Brand: MDT Model: EARP2 Application: Magpul PRS Color: Cerkote Patriot Brown Condition: Used / See Pictures Link: http://mdttac.com/adjustable-prs.html Price: $60 ***FREE SHIPPING***
  7. WTS: 1000 piece lots of Lake City Match grade .308 / 7/62x51mm brass. All of this brass is "once fired" from high end bolt-action rifles. Head Stamp reads "LC 10 LR". I have 4,000 pieces. This is high quality brass with non-crimped primers. I will accept USPS Postal MO or PP. Contact by PM of Email. Details: Brand: Lake City Caliber: .308 / 7.62x51mm Condition: Once Fired Price: $160 per 1000pc. ***FREE SHIPPING***
  8. WTS: (1) AA EFFIN'A Mark II 7.62 Compensator. This Compensator is used, and has been professionally Cerakoted FDE. I will accept PP (Gift or +3.5%) or USPS Postal MO. COntact by PM or E-mail. ***FREE SHIPPING*** Details: Location: St. Paul, MN Brand: Ares Armor Model: EFFIN'A Series: Mark II Caliber: 7.62mm Threads: 5/"x24TPI Color: FDE Condition: Used/Excellent Retail: $99 Price: $75 ***FREE SHIPPING***
  9. WTS: (2) Rare Strider Beryllium Copper (CuBe) Knives from my personal knife collection. One is a fixed blade Strider BD with sheath, and the other is a Strider SMF. Two great knives for any collector of rare blades. These knives have been circulated and are in used condition. They still have the factory original edge and Strider will service and sharpen any of their knives for the life of the knife. I have posted several pictures of these knives to accurately show their condition. If you require more information or pictures, please E-mail me directly and I will accommodate. I will accept PayPal or USPS Postal Money Order. Contact by PM or E-mail. Knives will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail with tracking & delivery confirmation. All prices are posted, however I am open to reasonable offer. ***FREE SHIPPING*** (1) Description: Strider Model BD Copper Beryllium (CuBe) EOD Dive Knife with Eagle Industries sheath. This special knife is standard issue for EOD, Dive and Breeching teams. This Strider "CuBe" BD knife is exceptionally rare, and very difficult to find. It is an earlier model CuBe BD struck with the same the same press as their S30V BD model knives. It DOSE have the rare "S30V" stamping. It also DOSE NOT have the lacquer top coat that is commonly found on later models. The CuBe blade has begun to show signs of patina, similar to how a penny tarnishes. This by no means should be misinterpreted as corrosion, and dose not compromise the integrity of the knife. It can also be removed during servicing, at Strider, to bring it back to its original condition. Details: Location: St. Paul, MN Manufacture: Strider Model: BD CuBe Blade: Copper Beryllium Blade Coated: No Characteristics: Non-sparking & non-magnetic. Edge: Non-Serrated / Factory Original Edge Spine: Serrations / Factory Original Edge Tip: Chisel Style / Factory Original Edge Stampings: "STRIDER", "S30V" Handle: Tan 550 Cord Strider Wrap Overall length: 11.50 inches Blade Length: 6.25 inches Cutting Surface: 5.25 inches Spine Serrations: 5 inches Blade Thickness: .250 inches Sheath: Coyote Tan Eagle Industries Condition: Used (Please see all pictures closely as they are part of my description) Price: $875 ***FREE SHIPPING*** (2) Description: This rare Strider SMF features a non-magnetic Beryllium Copper (CuBe) blade, a textured black G10 grip, titanium handle and titanium clip. This rare Strider SMF also features a Hinderer "Lock Bar Stabilizer" for maximum reverse lock retention. Milled G10 block interface with titanium eliminates the need for spacers in turn increasing strength and reducing likelihood of failure resulting from lost hardware. Extra large pivot pin ensures strength in all directions of applied force. This knife dose have some wear since it is used, with minor blemishes from circulation. Please review the pictures closely and let me know if you have any questions or require further images. Details: Location: St. Paul, MN Manufacture: Strider Model: SMF CuBe Blade: Copper Beryllium Blade Coated: Yes Characteristics: Non-sparking & non-magnetic Lock Bar Stabilizer: Hinderer Edge: Non-Serrated / Factory Original Edge Spine: Smooth / Unsharpened Tip: Spear Point Stampings: "STRIDER", "HINDERER", Strider Logo Handle Material: Combination; 6AL4V Titanium and Textured G10 Pocket Clip: 6AL4V Titanium Overall Length (open): 9.00" Overall Length (closed): 5.65" Blade Length: 3.875" Cutting Surface: 3" Blade Thickness: .190" Pivot Pin: Custom Made, hardened 400 Series Stainless Steel Fasteners: Custom Made, hardened 400 Series Stainless Steel Retention Clip: 6AL4V Titanium Condition: Used (Please see all pictures closely as they are part of my description) Price: $750 ***FREE SHIPPING*** Strider BD CuBe (Pictures): Strider SMF CuBe (Pictures): Thanks for looking !!!
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