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  1. P.S. I had the upper/barrel held with the Botach copy of the Geissele Reaction Rod. I highly recommend using one. It's awesome!
  2. So... The Geissele barrel nut wrench is the way to go... I tried using my standard AR-15 barrel nut wrench (with the three prongs that fit into the barrel nut teeth) to no avail. I actually broke off three sets of teeth. The Geissele barrel nut wrench removed it with a 1.5' cheater bar on the first pull. Felt like they torqued the nut to 70 ft/lbs... Now, to reconfigure my upper!
  3. I picked up an oak dowel to drill out my gas port the other day... So, when I go to reconfigure the upper... High speed, light pressure?? I'm going to utilize the drill stop, because why not, right...?
  4. Thanks for the awesome idea! As usual, I am waaaaay over-thinking things... 😭🤣
  5. Aaaaaaaand, figures.... Armalite has their carbine length AR-10 tubes back in stock. I just received the email...
  6. ^^^ Awesome! Glad you got the right parts! Have fun slinging some lead with your new freedom dispenser!
  7. Awesome! You got the correct buffer assy as well, I presume? Glad you were able to track one down! I just hope they send you the correct tube the first time, & that it was well packaged! The first (incorrect) tube they sent me, came only in a bubble mailer... WHAAAAT...?!? Whoever that employee was, needs an evaluation! The second came expertly packaged, in an actual box...😂 I just ordered a Primary Arms 3-18x50 ACSS HUD DMR .308, a QD mount & a Magpul ACS stock for mine today! I still need my drill stops for the tiny gas port drill bits. The machine shop I ordered them from had the last week off for the 4th, which is awesome for them! I also need the proper barrel nut wrench to remove the PA-10 delta ring, which I have already ordered from MidwayUSA. Only things I need to complete my build, barring any unforeseen complications, are a anti-cant scope level, & a Savvy Sniper sling, which I run on all of my tactical guns... I'm inching closer to breaking out the tools & parts & start assembling...!
  8. Received the correct gas tube from Dark Storm Industries! Took longer than I'd hoped, but they did make it right!
  9. There are reviews that the Geissele Barrel Nut Wrench (P#: 02-243) will fit the PA-10 standard barrel nut. I took a gamble & ordered one from MidwayUSA. Will report back once I can confirm things further.
  10. Do any of you gents know which particular wrench(s) is/are compatible with a PA-10 delta ring? Looking for a solid tool for the job... Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you kindly!
  11. Thank you, sir! The Owner of Dark Storm Industries states he's sending me out the correct tube. If they screw this up again, I'll get on the horn with Armalite.
  12. I received my gas tube from Dark Storm Industries... It pays to read. They sent me an AR-15 midlength gas tube instead of the .308 midlength. The part numbers are one character off, so someone was just being rushed, or careless when fulfilling my order. Also, it was only sent in a bubble mailer. Yikes! I called them yesterday & sw/ an employee whom said he would have his boss look over my order & have him call me today to rectify things. Here's hoping they get/make it right...!
  13. Roger that! Fouling creating a seal, was something I was already aware of (thanks to your previous posts)!
  14. Roger that! Fouling creating a seal, was something I was already aware of (thanks to your previous posts)!
  15. Yep! As soon as I first opened the kit, I was thinking, "Well, I have some shiny new AR-15 parts for my next next next in line build!" 🤣 In regards to the gas port, do I even bother with the 0.081" (#46) bit, or just jump to the 0.0846" bit? Would I need to go any larger than the 0.0846"? Thank you once again!
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