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  1. http://www.ruger.com/micros/advocacy/takeAction.html
  2. I reload for mine, so I would only be able to shop on reloads. But I did put an adjustable gas tube on mine to slow it down some.
  3. It cycles rounds, I just have it turned down so far it will not hold open on last round. This thing drove me crazy when I first bought it. FTE and FTF it was junk. Ordered in the gas tube, slowed the cycling down, now it rocks.
  4. I also forgot to mention. I have an adjustable gas tube on my Bushmaster 308 ORC. It will pull a new round in, but bot enough to hold the bolt open on last round. If that makes any difference.
  5. I also use SST and GMX 150's. I found if I cooled mine off by using just a little less RL15 it settled down. I have also been shooting at 320 yards. Lucky if I could hit a squirrel. But I will smoke a hog at 320 with confidence.
  6. I changed all my e mail and stuff so I decided to change my login also. Formerly TNP. I own a Bushmaster 308 ORC, adjustable gas tube, Leupold VX-R scope.
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