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  1. On a trip will post some when I return. Don't think it will help much. I noticed yesterday I could actually rotate the barrel also. i think I need to remove the gas line to tighten it. From what I've heard it's a bitch to remove the gas block from the Bull Barrel. Might just try to find a local gun smith, which sucks sinces it pretty new.
  2. Mine has come loose on my LR-308 24" BB (the rail was factory installed). For the life of me I cannot get it tight. I called DPMS they said it should tighten by hand. It's as tight as I can get it and my rail still can turn about a 1/2 inch back and forth (it's hitting the gas tube, I think it would probably go all the way around if I took it out). Can it be tightened without taking the gas return off? deer season is close so really do not want to send it back to DPMS. Sorry for my amateur description, i'm new to the AR world. Any idea or help appreciated.
  3. Sorry it's the LR-308, I'll edit it. It's a fixed stock. I took it to the range and shot about 80 rounds through. Overall really nice groups. Only issue I had was it would not feed all the time. I am pretty sure it has to do with the mag's. It seems the bullet has to be all the way back, if they are a little forward it won't feed. This happened at least 6-8 times. I am definitely getting a new trigger, the stock one is definitely not my style.
  4. Hi, new LR-308 owner here. Just got a brand new LR308 in a trade. It has the factory installed Quad rail and 24" Bull barrel (yes this thing is big time heavy, lol). Already read through about 15 pages of this forum and got some good ideas. Here is a list of my 1st upgrades, opinions appreciated. -Scope: have a nice new Buckmaster 4.5-14x40. Think i'll use this for the upcoming dear season. maybe upgrade it to a true sniper scope later. - Trigger. have a Timney 4lb in my AR15, love it. Will probably get the 308 version. Understand you can go bothe ways, AR10 or AR15 systems.. - I want to put on a PRS ASAP. I understand this is a straight swap out. Any other must upgrade items.
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