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  1. well I said screw it!! I ordered the following items below. If I missed something necessary, please let me know. There are sooo many little pins, springs and what nots. :D Cant freakin wait! -Rainier Arms Select™ .308 Barrel - 16 BLK -Vltor VC-301 Extended Flash Hider 5/8"-24 Thread AR-10, LR-308 Matte -Troy Industries 12" TRX Extreme Battle Rail LR-308 with Low Profile Upper Black -DPMS Bolt Carrier Assembly LR-308 308 Winchester Chrome -Del-Ton Gas Tube Mid Length AR-15, LR-308 -DPMS Gas Tube Roll Pin AR-15, LR-308 -Yankee Hill Machine Gas Block Low Profile Set Screw AR-15, LR-308 Standard Barrel 0.750" Inside Diameter Steel Matte -DPMS Buttstock Assembly 6-Position Collapsible LR-308 Carbine Synthetic Black -DPMS Lower Receiver Parts Kit LR-308 -Buffer Technologies Enidine Hydraulic Recoil Buffer AR-15 Carbine 3-1/4" -Badger Ordnance Tactical Charging Handle Latch AR-15, LR-308 Matte -MagPul MBUS Gen 2 Flip-Up Front Sight AR-15 Polymer Black -MagPul MBUS Gen 2 Flip-Up Rear Sight AR-15 Polymer Black -x2 MagPul Pmag 20LR Magazine LR-308, KAC SASS/MK11 308 Winchester 20-Round Polymer Black Unfortunately, it would not let me order my DPMS Upper/Lower. I do not have an FFL. So I will go down to my local gun shop tomorrow and place that order. <thumbsup> ;D :D 8)
  2. My bad...the rainier barrel. http://www.rainierarms.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=2688
  3. Oh really?? I thought because it is a mid-length gas system barrel that the 12" will work.
  4. The 12" should still hide a low profile gas block...I think. Damn thats something I forgot to add as well...a gas block! You're right 98Z5V. Lol!! I have some stuff to ponder. I put my laptop down so I wouldn't jump the gun and order. :D
  5. Oh ok, makes sense. I did look at them and liked it a lot until I found out it didn't have forward assist. :)
  6. Thanks! I am pretty sure I'm gonna order all these parts. It'll be fun plus I'll get to learn. I added everything up. Without the flash hider I'm at 1382. This way I get the rail, chrome bolt, chrome forward assist, pmags and rainier barrel! ;) It'll end up being a little more but I get what I want atleast.
  7. Do you think I should build this AR with what I have above or just buy the DPMS Recon?? Cabelas is selling it for 1399
  8. Thanks again, appreciate it! <thumbsup> :D Here is what I have in my cart so far at Midway USA...(I think I am gonna go with that Rainier barrel.) -DPMS Buttstock Assembly 6-Position Collapsible LR-308 Carbine Synthetic Black -DPMS Lower Receiver Parts Kit LR-308 -DPMS Bolt Carrier Assembly LR-308 308 Winchester Chrome -x2= MagPul Pmag 20LR Magazine LR-308, KAC SASS/MK11 308 Winchester 20-Round Polymer Black -Troy Industries 12" TRX Extreme Battle Rail Modular Free Float Handguard LR-308 with Low Profile Upper Receiver Black -DPMS Forward Assist Round AR-15, LR-308 Chrome -DPMS Upper Receiver Assembled LR-308 A3 Flat-Top Matte -DPMS Lower Receiver Stripped LR-308 Forged Matte
  9. Thank you! So what you're recommending is you also think I should go with a DPMS upper and lower??
  10. Thanks for correcting me. I was looking in to DPMS and whenever I looked online it says forged. This is copied and pasted from Midway USA.... Features: •Forged from 7075 aluminum that has been T6 heat treated, hard coat anodized (Mil-A-8625A)
  11. I really like this barrel! Thank you for posting it. I really like those Rainier Barrels that were posted above. Thank you george_995 and washguy!!
  12. Thanks for all the replies guys! I plan on ordering ALL the parts tonight. I had a BIG win at the casino tonight. So, I am ordering ALL the parts to build this beast! ;D ;D I plan on using this AR for all around shooting (range, in the desert at targets and what not, and home defense). I also have a friend who hunts big game in CO so I plan on going hunting with him. I honestly don't know what attracted me to SI defense for the upper and lower. I feel that billet machined parts are better than forged (dpms). I also like how the SI defense has a forward assist. I may never use it, but its better to have it than not. I also read some good reviews on SI defense. Plus, it is a matched set. So, I didn't want to go DPMS for upper and DPMS for lower since they are forged and plus a lot of people have negative reviews towards DPMS. I was going to go with Mega Ten but they do not have a forward assist. What matched upper and lower do you recommend??
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