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  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the help and warm welcomes. I have tried a different buffer and some higher quality ammo and it seems to be running perfectly so far. Let's hope it keeps up!
  2. Thanks for all the responses! Currently my plan of action is: try another buffer then send it back to jd, they said that if dpms mags didn't work then to send them these are brand new receivers that they just got in a couple of months ago so I just want to make sure that buffer isn't the issue before I do send it. The mags have a pretty good wobble but I wouldn't think that could be the only reason. You guys with properly functioning JDs with pmags, do yall have a significant wobble? How's the fit?
  3. Hi guys, I'm brand new to the forum so if I do something stupid please forgive me. I just recently built a JD 308 with dpms bolt, buffer, spring, and SASS barrel. I took it out to break it in with a couple of 20lr pmags but it FTF about every other round and after searching around I read the pmags were a no-go for the JD. Mine was showing extreme wobbling and would work by holding the mags like others, I was disappointed but I decided to try a dpms mag. It did the exact same thing, so I took out the calipers and measured the magwell of mine as well as another that was ordered at the same time, both measured out at 2.965. So my question is, before I send it back to JD: are these receivers that out of spec or am I having a buffer/timing problem? Any measurements of properly functioning dpms magwells would be helpful to me to properly troubleshoot this issue! Thanks Drew L.
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