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  1. I decided to go with a knights armament quad rail...a quick question though. The guy at Knights said I needed a special tool to install that rail and none of the dealers had one, only them, but they aren't doing custom stuff right now. I need to get ahold of the guys at JP to find out if they can install it, but is there a workaround for this issue?
  2. Thanks! What's a top notch trigger?
  3. Thanks! I've been reading today about JP barrels also...what do you all think of their barrels, triggers and bolt carriers?
  4. Does Fulton make the best match grade barrels?
  5. So maybe I start with a lower parts kit, which I can find DPMS and CMMG with a better trigger. Does the parts kit matter if the trigger is different? What it the best trigger I can get? Then maybe get a barrel in order...I don't really want to go with a 20 inch barrel but I'm afraid a 16 may be too short...I may end up with a suppressor so I don't want the Harrell to be too long...would a 16 or 18 inch Harrell make that much of a difference? What is the most accurate Harrell I can get? Not real fond of stainless, would like to keep it black.
  6. Actually by "minus the optics" I mean I have 2500 to spend on the rest of the gun. The optics are already taken care of...
  7. Perfect information so far...thanks! I was looking for a lower parts kit but having a bit of trouble locating one, but I assume I'll start there. I have about $2500 left to spend minus the optics. I really want a good shooter, one that will shoot great groups at 100 yards or further.
  8. Hey everyone I actually stumbled across this forum and really glad I did...great stuff in here! I wanted a .308 but couldn't find the configuration I wanted so I thought I'd build one myself, but I have to admit after buying the Black Rain upper and lower stripped receivers, I'm at a loss where to even begin... I ultimately want to go with a two tone 16 or 18 inch rifle with a nice scope...but where do I start? I want to make it as accurate as possible so does that mean I look for other parts rather than Black Rain or should I stick strictly with them? Any help I could get with getting this ship sailing would be much appreciated!
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