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  1. Hello everyone! I’ve had my Sig716 Patrol for a few months now and love it. It’s very accurate and has been 100% reliable with 149gr, 147 gr and 150 gr ammo. But just like everything there are pros/cons. The cons for me with this rifle were the trigger and weight. The stock trigger was rough so it’s been upgraded to an adjustable JP trigger that works very well. The weight would only be an issue for me on a hint. The weight being on the chucky side is pretty common for 308 ARs. Before I purchased the Sig I was looking at the DMPS Compact Hunter which is super light of a 308 AR. Still being interested in a Compact Hunter upper for hunting I took the Sig lower to my local gun store and tried a DPMS upper. At first, it looks like it might work but with the front pin installed - the rear pin is off by about 1/8” and won’t align correctly. Does anyone not if the Sig716 lower is proprietary or which upper manufacturer it may be compatible with. Thanks.
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