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  1. Thanks Guys... I appreciate the info... and the amnesty from the obvious breach of protocol... <thumbsup> I will say that the gun is ordered and I will be more and happy to post my thoughts. I've only been looking at this for about the last 8 months. My standards are pretty damn high...My expectations are following closely.
  2. I'm working on the purchase of a 308 and doing some reasearch. I've been looking at Colt, Ruger, and Black Rain and I've become pretty interested in the Black Rain. I've got my eyes on a 308 in a 20 inch stainless barrel model. But I've not been able to find any place where people have aired their thoughts, complaints, praises....etc about the Black Rain 308s. I've seen a few at some shops I visit, but never spoken with someone that has/had one. Thoughts?
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