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  1. Most rifles are much more accurate than those who use them . It just takes practice . Respectfully, Pat Hagar
  2. Sorry about the confusion, yes I did mean the "almost" copy of the original . I thought the "throwback " was the only one they sold under the "B" model group . The one I have is almost new with less than 100 rounds fired . It has a case and 12 magazines . I do not want to sell it and I was only checking to see if the value had increased as I did not know Armalite had discontinued it until a couple of days ago . I have had it for about ten years . I also have had an Armalite AR180 manufactured by Sterling for about thirty years . I am a manufacturer with a class 2 S.O.T. and my main reasoning is I have considered modifying my AR10 to select fire for R&D . However I would not want to change it if the value has increased a great deal as at that point there would be no buyers available which could quilify for the transfer . Thank you for the response . Respectfully, Pat Hagar
  3. Does anyone know about how much the AR10-B is selling for since it was discontinued in 2008 ? Respectfully, Pat Hagar
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