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Everything posted by freezingduck

  1. Pretty damn strict. No civilians are allowed to own handguns or semi automatic rifles without taking aprox. 200hrs of classroom and a couple of years worth of training, but then it is ok. Now I buy any handguns I want, but rifles has to preapproved by the police, and there arn't many AR10 on that list. IS the HK MR308 a good alternative, or is the Armalite better?
  2. Thank you. I lived in Titusville, FL for a year, ten years ago.
  3. Living in Norway I have a very limited selection of AR10's that is legal to buy. I am planning to build a semi automatic rifle to supplement of my SSG3000 and AI. Here are my wishlist: Minimum 1 moa I am planning to use the rifle out to 800yds so accuracy is one of my primary requirements, Be reliable, the rifle must of course function 99% of the time Would be nice if it could use Pmags Take Magpul stocks, I am considering the PRS stock, I guess that is the best option for long range work Price is always a consideration but they look fearly equal The police allows the following brands: Armalite DPMS JP LRP 07 HK MR762/MR308 Can anyone tell me what I should get, and why? I have been reading up and down every forum and it seems that everyone has had problem with one, and accuracy goes from 0,5-2 moa. Also barrel length varys from 16-22''. I'm thinking 18-20'' Hoping to get some real help here. Best regards Freezingduck
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