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  1. Copy. I will get out the oil bucket and make it wet next time I go out. She has 300 rounds through it as of today. What break in oil would you suggest. I keep spraying it dowm with rem oil but as you have pointed out it may not have the lub quality needed.
  2. damn thing wont run.

  3. Using rem oil at the moment. Today was the fist day of shooting. It is still dubble feeding and not ejecting the spent round. At times it is hanging out loose just chilling on top of the empty magazine. Here is a pic of the typical dubble feed. The spring looks good. The bolt lugs has impact marks where it is hitting on the back side of receiver lugs as well.
  4. So here is my issue. I have just purchased a Bush Master BR-308. I have put 200 rounds through it to date. Have not had many issues but one. At times the rounds dose not fully exit and stays in the receiver as the bolt carrier try's to load a new round and jams. I am shooting brass ammo 145gr. when its dose extract the round it comes out with enough force to dent the case on the forward asset. The last time it had the extract and feed issue I pulled the gun down to see what would be causing the issue. I noticed that the milling on the carrier and bolt was vary rough and was " filing " the top of the case when the carrier was in operation. I polished the carrier with a 800 grit ceramic stone to a mirror finish on all rough milling. I have not yet shot it. before I do is there anything else I should be looking at before I put it all back together.
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