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  1. So I sent it back and POF did the following. Replaced the gas plug with a tighter fitting plug. Replaced the ejector spring with a 4lb. stronger spring. Headspaced. Replaced the bolt. Reamed and polished the chamber. Test fired with 3 types of ammo and 2 different magazine types. Also returned it with a brand new rifle case. I took it out earlier and put 25 rounds through it as fast as I could pull the trigger and its now running flawlessly. Until I get a few hundred more through it I won't fully trust its reliability but for now I'm a happy camper. POF went above and beyond on customer service in my opinion since I'm not the original owner and the gun was manufactured outside of its warranty policy. Also I'd like to add it was there and back in 1 week. Great turn around.
  2. They have a 3 year to the intial buyer warranty. The problem is definitely the loose gas plug. I finally got ahold of someone at POF and they said if I ship it in they will go over the whole gun and make sure it works before leaving. I've never sent in a gun for repair work I've usually done it all myself but this one is me replacing the gas block or them for the cost of shipping so that seems like letting them do it is logical. Should I have any worries about the firearm being lost in transit or stolen or anything? I plan to insure it.
  3. I'm thinking about adding a O-ring tomorrow if I can get it over the gas plugs locking lugs. I'm thinking a super thin one that will not put but maybe 0.01 foward pressure after pressed tight on the gas plug and lock it in tighter. I figure that might be better than the extreme side play it has going on left and right. Sound dangerous?
  4. Sorry. To add, the piston system is just the gas plug, piston and piston rod. Both have the complete inner workings.
  5. Yeah that's what I figured and I have switched the parts including the piston and piston rod. The plug itself has some very heavy play no matter which plug or set up I'm using. I come here because POF sends me to a voicemail. Even if I get an employee they say they have no clue on the inner workings and send me to this guy or that guy and I get voicemails. The front gas block must be to big.
  6. First off let me appologize as I see that there is a POF forum area but its been inactive for a while so I'm asking here. If it is an issue please feel free to move the thread. I recently bought 2 POF P308's locally "used". One is a 14.5'' pinned and welded to 16'' and the second is a 20''. Both are the NP3 "grey/silver" models. The 14.5'' rifle is flawless and I love it but the 20'' is giving me non stop problems with stove piping and ejection issues. It ejects at the 1:30-2 O'clock about 4'-6' away when it does eject. The main issue is it stove pipes constantly, in turn jamming up the following chambering round. I've tried the following ammo. Malaysian 7.62 surplus. Brass cased. ZQI 7.62 Made in Turkey. Brass cased. Federal Gold Match 168g. Brass cased. All stove pipe and freeze up operation after 1-10 rounds, sometimes many in a row. I've tried Magpul 20 round, Magpul 25 round and the Original POF metal magazine. All cause this issue. I've changed the buffer and spring from the 14.5'' to the 20'' and it caused it to function slightly better but the problem still persists many times per magazine. I've also tested the bolt from the 14.5" and it still stove pipes. I've also checked for burrs and the likes on the bolt, bolt face, ejector and within the upper and it looks clean. I'm perplexed with the issue. Also I noticed on the 20'' the gas plug is loose and even if I switch from the 14.5" gas plug it is still loose. I'm wondering if maybe the 20" upper is out of spec or maybe it just is a dud. Any idea guys? Thanks.
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