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  1. I guess it's a good thing that I got all of them I want (for right now), because they have completely dried up! I haven't seen so much as an EX0027 (1" mount) in weeks!
  2. A TTAG post on FB today talked about carry handles. I didn't realize that there were aftermarket products, but there are. Google "AR carry handle" and you'll get a bunch of hits. There's one on Opt Plan for $17.00!
  3. Also ebay. Some Armalite stuff shows up there too.
  4. I don't know if the EA5050 is identical to the DPMS part, but if you need measurements or pics let me know and I'll drag mine out.
  5. This is Armalite's version. It's called an EA5050, and it has also been discontinued. I don't see one anywhere, but you never know.
  6. The Noreen BN36 is what I have in mind. I purely love 30-06, and an AR pattern rifle in that caliber is a sort of Holy Grail for me.
  7. I'm a fan of Armalite one piece scope mounts. They're familiar to me, they're durable, and they are (were) reasonably priced. Also, it seems like the fashion today is toward extreme cantelever scope mounts, and they don't look very robust to me. I standardized on 30mm scopes some years ago and, (if I recall correctly) 30mm Armalite scope mounts come in two varieties: Low and high. I began this farrago owning two 10805010 mounts (high) and one EX0022 (low) mount, but I needed another mount for a Tikka T3X that I bought last year. VZ925 was kind enough to send me a link to the last retail EX0022 in existance (at Wolverine Supply) which I bought, but I wanted a spare mount. It came to me courtesy of a Gunbroker auction for $30.00 with me as the sole bidder (the mount is fine, but it didn't present well), and it was immediately installed on an Aero Precision AR 5.56 that I couldn't resist building. Again I needed a spare mount. I passed on a couple of 1" Armalite scope mounts on ebay and GB, and I passed on a like new 10805010 on GB for $89.00 (+ $10.00 s/h). Then a like new 10805010 appeared on GB at $30.00, and for a while I was the high bidder at $32.00. When the auction ended I was the high bidder at $77.00, and when the mount arrived it was almost immediately installed on my Sig PCC! I think you can see where this story is going. A couple of weeks ago JBA sent me a link to an ebay auction for a new EX0022 for $80 (+ $5.00 s/h). I sat on it for a whole day, and on June 30 I bought it. And that's my spare mount. For God's Sake don't anybody suggest another rifle for me to buy, otherwise the rodeo starts all over again! Charlie
  8. I hadn't considered the length of the barrel beyond the gas port. So given an 18, 20 and 24 inch barrel, all having a rifle length gas system, the 18 needs a larger port than the 20 or 24 to push the same amount of gas down the tube. That makes sense.
  9. If you pull up the data on barrel length vs gas port diameter the trend is toward larger diameter gas ports as the barrel length increases. My experience seemed significant only to the extent that the poster who went from a 16" barrel to a 20" barrel and experienced short stroking _*MIGHT*_ have the same issue. But the post was 3 years old, and it seemed pointless to add anything to the thread. I'm not a gunsmith, and I'm not trying to be a smartass, but I believe you will agree that in that situation it is something to consider. Charles
  10. No kidding! This pic from the attempted Reagan assasination (may John Hinckley Jr rest in feces!) Note the briefcase with the Uzi shaped foam cutouts in the street. I practiced it a bit and it can be done. I could live with the stock, but I really like a good _*STABLE*_ scope mount and a last round hold-open, but I admit that the agent in the photo needed neither of them. Charlie
  11. I saw the "New 20" barrel, now it short strokes" thread from 2017 and wanted to share a recent experience: Early this year I built a generic AR-15. Aero Precision upper and lower receivers, a DPMS lower parts kit, standard A-2 stock and a DI gas system on a 20" barrel. The parts went together without a hitch, but it would short stroke almost every time. I verified that the gas system was installed correctly and the gas port was clear. I also learned that the size of the gas port is directly proportional to barrel length: The longer the barrel the bigger the gas port, and that's because the amount of gas available to cycle the action decreases with barrel length. So short barrel rifles have smaller gas ports and stiffer buffer springs. It seemed likely to me that my A-2 buffer was intended for a 16" barrel, and the spring was too stiff. There's a gun shop a few miles from my house that has a selection of buffer springs, so I picked one that had two less coils than my existing spring and; Voila! Problem solved. Obviously this won't be a problem in a production rifle, but if you're going with a longer barrel (or you're building and your buttstock/buffer spring doesn't say what barrel length its optimized for) it might be an issue. Charlie
  12. I guess that all I had in mind was training and camping, and I'm not doing a lot of that now. 10mm sounds interesting, and Sig is (was) supposed to offer a caliber exchange kit in 10mm, but I don't see it on their website. Charlie
  13. It's gone. I bought it way back in the '80s, and that rifle is one of the few that actually made money for me. I bought it for about $225 and got north of $2K when I sold it. The MPX cost a pretty penny, but when all was said and done I had money to put in the bank. I liked the M1, but I would have liked it a lot better if it had a collapsible or folding stock and an easy way to mount a scope. I mean, you can mount a scope on an M1, but the mounts are crap and they won't hold zero for squat! The same is true for the Uzi carbine. I had one of those too, and the stock is tedious to deploy and tedious to retract! And the scope mounts that are offered for the thing are a joke! Charlie
  14. I mounted the new scope (Bushnell AR 1-4 X 24) and took it and the MPX to the range today. I put 75 rounds downrange and more or less zeroed the scope with the crappy Remington 115 gr FMJ green box ammo I've got (L9MM3). Best group at 75 yds was 2 1/2 inches vertical by 3/4 inch horizontal. The MPX is tres cool. It's an AR pattern 9mm with a collapsible stock, but I'm beginning to wonder why I want a PCC. I don't walk the fences anymore, and even if I did I can think of a couple of other rifles I would rather have. I liked the idea of a camp carbine when the kids were young and we were actually camping, but that hasn't happened in about 100 years. The Sig MPX replaced an Inland M1 Carbine. I used the M1 for transition training when bringing the kids (and newbies) up to speed on centerfire rifle. But I'm not doing a lot of training now, and the MPX is just sitting in the safe. I'm thinking about selling it on GB or taking it to the next gun show. The only thing I'm looking for right now is a CZ Shadow 2 (91257), and I have only ever seen one at the gun show, so that's probably not going to happen. I like the scope, and I like the MPX. I'm just not sure that the MPX fits in my collection. Charles
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