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    Guns of course !! Basically anything outdoors. Hunting, fishing, etc.....I also enjoy going to church and having fellowship with other Christians.

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  1. Hello All: Can someone explain to me what the .300 BLK is ? I am looking for a weapon that I can have some fun with that wont break the bank. I am also considering the .308 as well. I am not gonna be hunting with this gun. I just want to punch some paper on my family farm. What's some pros and cons associated with this caliber. It seems like some hate it and some love it. Thank you for your time and God bless.
  2. Shot one, own one, ????? It's not difficult to ascertain what I was trying to ask. I didn't realize everything had to be so politically correct in order to receive an answer to a question but by all means do forgive me for not structuring my topic in the correct format !!!
  3. Has anyone ever shot one of their DIAR-10 308's ? From what I've seen on their site everything appears fine BUT one can never be too careful. So, I decided to bring this question here.
  4. If I purchase the complete lower below, what else is needed? I did not see any complete uppers at BRO's site so what brand uppers can I go with? I apologize for being a NEWB.
  5. I need some info from fellow enthusiasts. Been looking at building a 308AR and then I start thinking about just buying a complete rifle. Tell me some pros and cons on BlackRainOrdnance rifles as well as SigSauer. I'm not shy and I will ask for help when I'm not familiar with something. Thanks to all in advance and God bless.
  6. Hello to all: I'm a newb with this but I'll do my best to describe what I want to do. I want a black rain ordnance .308 but I don't want to buy one already put together. Is it possible to put one together like I want it? Thank you for the help.
  7. Hello To All : Does anyone know of any books, manuals or how to guides out there that can help me along the way to building a .308 LR ? Before I attempt to build this rifle I want to do as much research as possible. Thanks for the help and God bless.
  8. Thank y'all for the wonderful input. I'm sure I'll stumble along the way but as long as I learn from it I'll be alright. This gun will be used to basically go out and have fun with. I'm interested in learning how to shoot long range so this is what I need to keep in mind as I try to accomplish this build. I could go out and buy one but I've always wanted to attempt a build so here I go....If it takes me a year then so be it. Once again , thank y'all for the input.
  9. Hello to everyone. This is my first post on this forum and I'm happy to be a new member. Here is my question. I want to build a .308 on the AR platform and don't know where to begin. I see people speaking about the Armalite AR-10 and how it differs from other .308 AR's. Can someone explain this to me? I want to build a rifle by combining the parts that will best suit my needs. Plus, when this gun is complete I want to be able to look at this rifle and admire what I put together. Thank you in advance for your time and help with this. Take care and God bless.
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