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  1. My experience as well. The bolt stop slot isn't deep enough and the hole is too low, so modifications are required to both the bolt stop and the lower. it's disappointing, but I have to rate Genesis CNC as a solid DO NOT BUY. I've also been waiting three months for another lower to ship, and doubt that it will ever appear. I really wanted them to be good, because it's such a unique product, but the customer service is appalling, the parts they ship don't work without substantial modifications, and the quality control is nonexistent.
  2. Genesis does not supply bits or end mills with the 308 jig. They might with the plastic ar-15 jig, I'm not sure.
  3. I finished my Genesis build and finally got a chance to shoot it recently. Parts: Genesis Gen 2 Lower, Fulton Armory LPK Larue Tactical Rear Takedown Pin Geissele DMR Trigger KAK Industries 19" barrel in 358 Winchester KAK Industries double ejector 308 bolt DRD Tactical SR-25 Takedown Upper Armalite A2 flash hider bored out to .375" A1 buttstock, standard 308 rifle buffer and spring. SLR Adjustable gas block Nightforce F1 4-14 x 50 w/ Aadmount PRI Gas buster charging handle My general impression is that it's a very accurate thumper. The recoil is significantly more noticeable than any of my 308 semi autos, despite weighing over 12 pounds. Once I got the gas block adjusted, function was perfect, although it's really tearing up the brass. I will probably polish the feed ramps to try to protect the brass, 358 Winchester brass is hard to find and expensive. All in all, I'm happy with the build, and ordered another upper and lower from them to build another rifle.
  4. I doubt it. The Genesis is a SR/Armalite pattern lower, and the Modulus is a DMPS pattern lower. Why don't you try it and let us know?
  5. Another update, I have the Genesis CNC upper as well as the DRD Tactical SR25 takedown upper. Swapping the uppers, I found that the bolt sits higher in the Genesis upper than it does in the DRD upper, meaning that the bolt catch works much better in the DRD upper. This is unfortunate, because the Genesis upper is a better fit in the Genesis lower than the DRD.
  6. I found a 1/8 carbide bit made for dremmel tools and milled the shelf under the lower part of the bolt stop in steps until the stop was able to reach the bolt. I then ground off the sharp corner on the bottom of the bolt stop which was still hitting the inside of the pocket. The bolt catch is now able to hold back the bolt, but I think I'm going to grind down the bolt catch a little more so that it can stick up a little farther on the bolt. I read on the another forum that the Fulton bolt stop is oversized, so it's possible the problems I'm having are unrelated to the Genesis CNC lower.
  7. I finally got my LPK in, so I can actually start commenting on how the Genesis CNC lower works, rather than how it looks. I purchased the LPK from Fulton Armory, at the recommendation of various internet sources. It is a DPMS compatible LPK and was in stock, unlike many others. The takedown pin was purchased separately from Larue Tactical, as they are the only supplier I'm aware of that is willing to sell the correct diameter pin. The DPMS pin may work, but it is a smaller diameter and may be sloppy. I also purchased a basic ar15 trigger guard with a roll pin from Fulton. I found that the trigger guard pin holes were close enough together to install the trigger guard, but both pairs of holes were slightly forward of where I assume they should be as the finished trigger guard bound up on the magazine making it very difficult to insert or remove. I filed down the front of the guard and the mag drops free now. The selector went in perfectly and snaps nicely back and forth after being oiled and worked back and forth. The Geisselle DMR trigger I installed required significant adjustment from the factory settings to work, but once adjusted appears to work fine. The trigger slot made using the jig was initially too short, but the trigger worked fine once I opened it up. The magazine release and front and rear takedown pins went in fine. The bolt stop basically doesn't work, bottoming out in two different spots and preventing sufficient movement. It appears that the shelf under the lower part of the stop where the spring is located isn't deep enough, so I need to buy a teeny end mill and clean it up a bit. More updates as I have them.
  8. LMS HiTorque Mini Mill So far, I'm very impressed. It works well and the folks at LMS were very helpful with finding a way to get it shipped to Alaska.
  9. Progress update. I originally tried to complete the milling with a big old drill press I have, but it had way too much run out and it chewed up both the lower and the jig. I quit while I was ahead and purchased a little machine shop mini mill. The pictures show both the nicely milled pocket and the crappy torn up area by the rear take down pin. I'm planning on putting a step by step once I finish the rifle and function test it.
  10. Thanks all, I think I have it figured out, I'm going to start a separate build thread to document the steps once I get started.
  11. I just picked up a Genesis CNC lower and I'm starting to work on it. I signed up to ask for advise and hopefully document the build, as there is almost nothing about these receivers online. Matthew
  12. I'd be very appreciative if someone with a Larue OBR could measure the diameter of the rear takedown pin. I'm really hoping it is 0.281" Thanks Matthew
  13. Updated with picture. The jig utilizes a single top plate which is aligned with pins and tightened with machine screws. The various steps require the pins and screws to be relocated to align the top plate for that step. I emailed Genesis asking for instructions, and they sent me a partial set that cut off after showing how to mill the fire control group pocket. They have not responded to subsequent requests for the complete instructions. I'm trying to make sure I align the top plate correctly to cut the trigger slot in the correct location.
  14. Thanks, I understand the general process of using a jig, but the jig provided by Genesis is quite different from the usual type. I was hoping that someone had experience with Genesis in particular.
  15. MatthewDS

    Genesis CNC

    Has anyone built the Genesis CNC gen 2 lower with the jig they provide? I have the lower and jig in hand, but it came from Genesis without instructions, and I don't want to guess how to use the jig. Thank you, Matthew
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