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  1. alum probably ok, but i bought a $10 one , it leaks really bad where it mates to the barrel causing short cycling. I have double checked everything else has to me my problem
  2. i bought a cheap alum block, bad move. 20'" Mega barrel. What have yall used? I prefer clamp type. looking at JP adjustable (like the 4 clamping screws) or SLR rifleworks adjustable
  3. yup, have them inbound from Midway got a JP 308 spring and a DPMS 308 buffer
  4. i hate it too, but i think the spur will work. Waiting on A2 buffer tube and few other parts to finisher her up :)
  5. barrel is in the upper, but my upper vice block is back ordered so i can't torque the barrel nut yet. and my gas block is incoming. Slid the grip on to see how it looks.
  6. molly grease or blue locktite on barrel extension before you slide it into receiver?
  7. ah, thanks, NC is a great place too, I have spent some time in Franklin county :)
  8. thanks, if i was young i would move to Texas :)
  9. it sucks, out midnight session criminals in NY did this with their so calledsafe act :(
  10. i am really pleased with this Mega MA-TEN LR-308 receiver set, here is the spur that replaces the pistol grip in NY Received some parts, others incoming or back ordered. Mega 20" barrel, DPMS BCG. DPMS lower parts kit, MI 15" hand grip.
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