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  1. ok cool I will check it. thanks
  2. I emailed Aero Precision and they said theres wouldn't fit my DPMS oracle. They said my DPMS is a 2nd generation , how do I know for sure what will fit it. and what determines a 2nd generation
  3. Shepp, that is killer. Thats what i want but fde. Can i ask which gas block you used . Thanks man.
  4. Shepp. thanks i would appreciate it. And shibiwan, what size barrel is yours. Your rifle looks awesome.
  5. I have a dpms 308 oracle. I'm going to change the gas block to low profile. Dies anyone have a pic of there's with a troy industries or mid west 15 inch in fde on there's . I think that's what I want unless someone likes some other brands. I want to do the rail top with m-lok sides and bottom. Thanks.
  6. i have a DPMS oracle 308. i want to put a 13.8 troy industries handguard quad rail on it. which low profile gas block do I need. thanks
  7. Thanks sheep 5000. that worked . sweet.
  8. sorry for the very large letters Im not sure why it did that lol.
  9. this one here, the guy at Cheaper than dirt said i could just swap out the butt stocks, wouldn't need to buy anything else. i hope he was right, i already ordered it.Magpul ACS-L Commercial AR-15 Carbine Stock With Friction Lock And Rubber Buttpad Polymer Flat Dark Earth MAG379-FDE
  10. i have searched and can't find anything. how do i remove my collapsable stock butt stock on my DPMS LR-308 oracle. i am replacing it with a magpul one. thanks
  11. thanks guys , ill check them out
  12. I want to put 45 Degree iron sights on my DPMS Oracle LR-308. i have a scope on top. does anyone make the angled sights that i can mount on the rear of the top rail and the front one on the gas block. My concern is that the gas block rail is a little lower than the top rail. or would you just mount the front one on the hand guard. any suggestions or links would help . Thanks guys. this is my rifle.
  13. Thanks, i was looking at the Raptor charging handle , the append. one, left or right, the handle ears are angled forward, thought it might help.
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