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  1. Purchased one from Fulton Armory a while ago, thank you.
  2. Bolt headspaced out ok with Fulton. I'll try some different ammo the first chance I get. Weekends have been busy. Thanks again gents.
  3. Thank you. You are always very helpful.
  4. So i see the new MA top loaders, think I might pre order one, when I get it fix the magazine. Not having a grip to hold onto is making me nuts. This stupid removable magazine/ pistol grip law here blows. I can tolerate three rest of the law, 10 round mag doesn't bother me, no holes at the end of the barrel doesn't bother me. Not having a good grip on the firearm in my hand..... bothers me.
  5. I mounted them facing forward.
  6. Bolt and carrier are from DWilson on the page here. Haven't had time to shoot it again have stuff going on the next couple weekends did i sent the rings out to be painted to match. Hopefully I have them back later this week or early next week. Ill probably get a chance to shoot again in a couple weeks.
  7. We did get some odd results when we were playing with the scope when giving it it's test run. Just when we thought we were dead nuts we were across the paper. In other news, I bought a new scope. The other one needed two mounts to get it off the barrel. I threw the new scope on with the old mount set up. Taking it apart last night i can take off the 1/2 inch riser that i needed for the first scope and get this one down a bit.
  8. Lol great. I have another box and a half. I'll give something else a try. I might have a little more info but I have to wait till I get home from work. Thanks 98
  9. My apology. It was Federal.
  10. Chambered round and ejected no fire. #1 Fresh round 2.678 After chamber 2.672 #2 Fresh round 2.676 After chamber 2.660
  11. Finally got a chance to measure a few rounds. Remington blue box. Overall length of the round got smaller by .006 to .016 of an inch.
  12. Only problem I had at first was the bolt wouldn't lock in. Pulled the carrier group out and slapped a little Rem Oil on it, put it back together and it seemed ok after that. It's throwing shells at about 3pm and about five feet.
  13. So finally got to put a few rounds through the gun this weekend. Think I might have an issue. Take a look at these primers. Fulton Armory headspaced barrel.
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