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  1. After looking around on the web at the pictures of tactical style rifles, I guess what I'm looking for is suggestions on lights, optics, handles/grips, slings, etc... Speaking of, what is a practical accessory to attach to the rail on the butt stock?? I would like to have a versatile rifle that can be used for long range, large game hunt shooting, and close range, self defense shooting.
  2. Thank you & Thank you. In regards to accuracy, I currently do not have an optics system setup, just iron sights. Would it be practical to have a scope for long shots and a optics for close shots? What modifications are available to manage recoil? What attachments are practical for tactical functions?
  3. Good evening, I am new to the semi-automatic rifle platform and looking for pointers. After about a year of online research, I settled on the DPMS G2 SASS .308/7.62. I've had the opportunity to put 20 rounds through it at the range. I appreciate the feel of it and would like to make the right modifications to make it efficient & increase it's accuracy. After digging through multiple forums and sites I have become more confused about what modifications can actually do that. So my question, is there a forum or thread designed for beginners that gives a starting point or suggestions on where to start making modifications? Thank you for any links or advice,
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