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  1. Hahaha, Understood. Thank you.
  2. After looking around on the web at the pictures of tactical style rifles, I guess what I'm looking for is suggestions on lights, optics, handles/grips, slings, etc... Speaking of, what is a practical accessory to attach to the rail on the butt stock?? I would like to have a versatile rifle that can be used for long range, large game hunt shooting, and close range, self defense shooting.
  3. Why would the trigger need to be replaced??
  4. Thank you & Thank you. In regards to accuracy, I currently do not have an optics system setup, just iron sights. Would it be practical to have a scope for long shots and a optics for close shots? What modifications are available to manage recoil? What attachments are practical for tactical functions?
  5. Good evening, I am new to the semi-automatic rifle platform and looking for pointers. After about a year of online research, I settled on the DPMS G2 SASS .308/7.62. I've had the opportunity to put 20 rounds through it at the range. I appreciate the feel of it and would like to make the right modifications to make it efficient & increase it's accuracy. After digging through multiple forums and sites I have become more confused about what modifications can actually do that. So my question, is there a forum or thread designed for beginners that gives a starting point or suggestions on where to start making modifications? Thank you for any links or advice,