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Everything posted by Kyblue82

  1. Come on people don’t be ashamed if your from the KY!! Where y’all at?
  2. Ok so I love the offset retainer, and yes you could file a retainer down to achieve the same goal but since mine was completely gone and I had to order one that’s what I chose to go with. Got the armalite length carbine receiver extension installed and it screwed up perfectly where it should be, no more marring, also got my mbt trigger installed and just got an xh buffer and 308 spring from slash(shout out slash, good dude, great fast service.) haven’t had a chance to put any rounds through it yet since all the upgrades but looking forward to giving you guys some feed back. Gonna try the xh buffer with both 308 spring and tubbs and see which one I like better. Thanks for the help gents!
  3. Anyone out there from central ky? Trying to find a good place to shoot. Not many places that have a 300+ yd range and I’d really love to not have to drive 5 hrs to go shoot. Anyways shout out ky boys or gals, let’s hear ya!!
  4. So I got the offset buffer retainer very quickly, I ordered the armalite RET and h3 buffer, should be here Monday, once I get it all together I’ll give a review of how that offset retainer works out, my larue trigger is on backorder, might be a while before it’s here.
  5. Will the h3 buffer still work with my tubbs flat wire spring?
  6. How bout an offset buffer retainer! https://commonbullets.com/cube/ar-platform-offset-buffer-retainer.html
  7. Is there another possible explanation that bcg isn't pushing the buffer back when lowered? I'm using an aero m5e1 upper lower set and I know they are pretty good with their tolerances but people do make mistakes. I'm just throwing this out there because my knowledge is still limited but could adjusting that tension screw on the lower have anything to do with it? Or what about screwing the receiver extension in one more time like you mentioned. I appreciate all yaws help.
  8. What spring and buffer do you run with your setups?
  9. Was it you that said in another post that you run nothing but armalite rets on all your aero builds?
  10. Also the ammo I was running before when i had the light primer strikes was was federal American eagle 7.62x51 149 grain fmj
  11. I’m in the process of during my down time doing a little tuning to my rifle. I have a few questions. I know I’ve seen a few of the answers on the forum before but with still recuperating from back surgery and a single dad of four which are out of school now I just don’t have the time to keep my mobile computer in front of my face for more than a few minutes at a time and I think I actually saw what I’m looking for in a post from 98z5z. I’m curious about changing my receiver extension which is aero kit plus tubbs flat wire on to an armalite carbine tube, can I still use the tubbs flat wire in it and what kind of buffer can I use, also have a larue mbt-2s on the way, any info or comments is greatly appreciated guys, and with Memorial Day coming up I just want to give a shout to all the service men and women who put their lives on line and some who have made the ultimate sacrifice that civilian families like mine are able to have the freedoms we do because of you, from me and mine we love each and everyone of you and there are no words to describe how much thanks we owe you, and God bless each and everyone of you
  12. One is a pic of my buffer and why it’s all scratched up, the other is marring seen on the receiver itself and why, and the last is a pic of the retainer hole in relation of the receiver extension
  13. I didn’t see the retainer in the fcg and like i said it has performed flawlessly up til now, if the hammer spring was backwards wouldn’t I have had problems prior til now. Plus the spring for the retainer was still there but I couldn’t find the retainer anywhere. Are there any other things that could be causing this? And thanks for your help.
  14. Hey everyone, been a while since I’ve been here. I completed my .308 several months ago and after getting the right buffer spring it has performed flawlessly. I had major back surgery about 2 months ago and I took my rifle out for the first time in months. I loaded the mag, tacked the first round and it fired perfect, the next 5 rounds all I got was a click when I pulled the trigger. After getting home I disassembled the rifle only to find that the buffer retainer was gone. Of course I have to replace it but my question is with the retainer missing could that be the reason I’m getting light primer strikes and if not then could someone please tell me what other possibilities could be causing this issue. Thank yaw for any help you can provide.
  15. Alright guys I got the new Tubbs flatwire spring installed. I only had time to put about 30 rounds through it but it performed flawlessly with both pmag and metal mag. Need to get a few varieties of ammo to see how it does but I think you all got me on the right track now. When you don't have to clear a malfunction every other round it makes things so much more fun. Thank y'all!!
  16. I was just wondering if it looked like I have an extended button or standard.
  17. Does anyone know the difference in specs of an Aero extended mag button and a standard mag button?
  18. I have the gen3 pmags. So will the ar10 mag catch fit my receiver or is there some tweaking required?
  19. I guess I misunderstood the meaning of sloppy. I've seen how many times you all posted that pic of "the blob"! Lol Anyways I cleaned it real good and put a light coat of lube on it and I also found a 10 rd metal mag, I only got to put 30 rds thru it but I didn't have one malfunction. I noticed the metal mag had a lot less movement than the pmags. I also failed to mention before that I have many different types of ammo from brass to steel, from 148gr to 180gr all with the same result. Tubbs flat wire should be here in a couple days.
  20. Given this information, should I hold off on polishing the chamber and just use a good cleaning agent? What is a good cleaning agent? Because the regular clp I have does a crap job at breaking down residue.
  21. I actually saw one of these today at my ffl but I think I can find it cheaper online somewhere. I believe someone posted a link. What's a good place to get some regular ole metal mags? Question about the tubbs Spring, I see they have a stainless steel and a chrome silicone, any suggestions?
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