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  1. Rock River Arms 308 Top Rail Octagonal Handguard Standard length #308A0010TRB. See it at RRA: RRA TRO Handguard I was able to get a measurement of the difference in height of the handguard rail to the DPMS upper receiver rail. I measure the handguard rail to be .060" higher than the upper rail. My DPMS upper rail measures .150 thick. So, I would feel safe to say, the handguard rail is for a high profile upper (.210") with a 1-7/16 - 18tpi $75 shipped, payment by USPS Money Order, or Paypal Gift Take a look at the pictures and ask any questions
  2. I just won a bid at Gunbroker for a matched set, $116 (got lucky). Should be seeing it in a week or two, to move forward with my build.
  3. I have been doing a lot of reading about .308 rifle and carbine stocks, buffers, and springs. But nothing that answers my question.Does anyone have any experience with using a standard rifle stock with a DPMS .308 16" Barrel w/carbine gas system? Does the buffer weight need to be modified? Is it safe to do?
  4. Was wondering if we could add Live Free Armory to the 308 Manufacturers forums. Live Free Armory Live Free Armory 4324 Fortune Place West Melbourne Florida 32904 (407) 891-1255 Sales@livefreearmory.com
  5. South Bend area
  6. It was easier to sell it, and buy the correct handguard.
  7. For some reason, I don't see a option to edit my posts? Am I missing something?
  8. My DPMS upper has the forward assist, however, most of the bolt carriers I see for sale don't have the forward assist serrations. Can I use a bolt carrier without serrations? Are the carriers I see from aftermarket manufacturers with serrations compatible?
  9. New to the 308. A recent visit to Camp Perry and the DPMS building, I found my self walking out with a handful of parts to build a 308. When I purchased these parts I had little knowledge of the 308's and the variations from the many manufacturers. All of the parts I purchased at DPMS are compatible, however, I made a stop at the Rock River Arms building where the had tables full of near new 308 handguards, so I picked one up for $75. Seemed like a good deal until I realized the thread difference on the barrel nut. Other than an hand guard, I need the lower, bolt and charging handle to complete the rifle. I'll keep an eye out for the remainder of the components and hopefully complete the build in a few months. Thanks for a great source of information. Andy
  10. Recent trip to Camp Perry, found my self leaving with a bunch of parts to build a DPMS version 308. Unfortunately, I bought a RRA free float handguard which if realized later, will not fit the DPMS upper. My question is, does anyone make a free float barrel nut which will fit a RRA handguard and a DPMS upper.