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  1. For sale, DPMS CAR stock assembly, package was opened but never used. Asking $50 shipped, USPS Priority.
  2. Goon news, success at the range. The DPMS LR308 Rifle length spring did the trick. Just got back from the range, not one failure. Put some DPMS Mangonel iron sights on it and had it sighted in after 10 rounds. The rear peep seems a bit large, but ok. The DPMS Cancellation brake is interesting, I think it works really well. Now, I need a low power optic, maybe 4x or 5x.
  3. After seeing Beantown's factory DPMS, I'm less concerned with the gas tube protrusion length, even though it looks odd. The only other odd characteristic is the stiffness of the buffer spring. I ordered a DPMS 308 rifle buffer spring. Between this and the DPMS CAR stock assembly I already have; I will be able to test a few things at the next range trip.
  4. My bad! The gas system is MID-length 11.75" The bolt catch does work correctly manually, just not on the last round. I have an original DPMS 308 CAR stock assembly. I will install it and try again, this weekend. Although, I prefer the fixed A2 stock. Since the barrel is Bushmaster, are there any nuances? I don't think Bushmaster is making the 308 anymore.
  5. Beantown"s gas tube looks about the same, his is factory?
  6. Yup, carbine length. I understand gas tubes are the same for 223 and 308? Like I said, I bought it at the DPMS building at Perry, with most of the other parts except the receivers. I have extra carbine and mid-length gas tubes, I'll see how they compare.
  7. The gas key doesn't hit the upper, buffer length wont allow it. With an empty mag I can manually engage bolt catch, however, not on last round fired. Buffer weight/length and spring seem to be in line with "Slashes Big Buffer Table", or close. The buffer spring seems stiff?
  8. It wasn't dripping lube, but I thought I lubed it well. Only fired 20 rds, only two cycled the next round. Here is a pic of the gas tube protrusion into the upper. Does this look right? Got the gas tube and block from DPMS at Camp Perry, in July.
  9. I finally finish my 308 build. First trip to the range, will not cycle. It will fire, extract, eject but not go back far enough to strip the next round from the magazine. Once in a while it would load the next round, mostly not. Recommendations? 1. Live Free Armory matched upper and lower, DPMS compatible, high profile. 2. Bushmaster 16" 1:10 Barrel, dimpled for gas block set screws 3. DPMS GII Cancellation Brake 4. DPMS Low profile gas block and tube 5. DPMS lower parts kit 6. UTG A2 308 stock assembly (spring .077" wire dia x 36 coils, 12.25 OAL) (Buffer 5.3 oz, 5.2" OAL) 7. DPMS Gen 1 Bolt Carrier Assy
  10. Any experience with the variety of Sub $100 handguards found on eBay. There seem to be several types of attachment: 1. Clamp to barrel nut, handguard is split and has 2-4 clamping bolts. 2. Bolt to barrel nut, 2 Button Head Cap Screws each, at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions 3. Thread on to barrel nut, external threads on the barrel nut, internal threads on the hand guard, plus a locking ring 4. Wedge system, similar to clamping (hand guard not split) except two wedged from each side with SHCS, handguard has some sort of slots. Any favorites or failures?
  11. Is the charging handle latch interchangeable between 223 and 308?
  12. Rock River Arms 308 Top Rail Octagonal Handguard Standard length #308A0010TRB. See it at RRA: RRA TRO Handguard I was able to get a measurement of the difference in height of the handguard rail to the DPMS upper receiver rail. I measure the handguard rail to be .060" higher than the upper rail. My DPMS upper rail measures .150 thick. So, I would feel safe to say, the handguard rail is for a high profile upper (.210") with a 1-7/16 - 18tpi $75 shipped, payment by USPS Money Order, or Paypal Gift Take a look at the pictures and ask any questions
  13. I just won a bid at Gunbroker for a matched set, $116 (got lucky). Should be seeing it in a week or two, to move forward with my build.
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