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  1. Elftmann trigger WARNING

    Will get back with that. Busy afternoon.
  2. Elftmann trigger WARNING

    So I put a little longer buffer spring that came from the same place. It just happened to be about 1/2-3/4 longer to see if it changed anything. Tried 5 different brands from 125gr to 143gr. Had occasional misfires with all the brands now. Noticed that the BCG seems to be hitting the lower receiver at the bottom of the ring that the buffer tube screws into. Enough to chink the billet pretty good. Think maybe a possibility could be it is hitting hard enough to cause the trigger to jump into the drop safety position? Think that might be a gas problem? Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Elftmann trigger WARNING

    Sounds good. Will get a hold of you on Friday for directions!
  4. Elftmann trigger WARNING

    Forgot the wife has an all day event i need to be at on Thursday. Looks like i can make it down Saturday morning when i get off work. Just need to be back in G town by 1-2
  5. Elftmann trigger WARNING

    Gilbert Az.
  6. Elftmann trigger WARNING

    1. No poop 1.5 DPMS pattern and i did put it together myself. The upper and lower are both by Quentin tacticle. The BCG is CMMG and the trigger as previous stated. 2. I dont reload, these were all factory loads. The Winchester that i had no issues with were gold colored primers and the Hornady were silver. 3. They did tell me that this trigger has a drop safety that it could be catching at which would cause a light strike. Not sure how it could get to this point when the gun fully cycles when the shot actually works. I am going to take it back to Quentin on Monday and have them check the tolerances. Making sure that when it cycles the bolt is completely shutting and locking in. Was told that it is possible if it is not quite tight enough that the trigger may still be pulled but the firing pin wont make good contact. The Elftmann company is local here in AZ. And told me they would send me a brand new trigger if i wanted. Thinking of dropping a mil spec trigger in and see if that works. Will do headspace Monday and go from there. Thank you for all your help. If it is ejecting the brass shouldn’t it be fully engaging the BCG? Worked with all my Winchester ammo. Issue was with the Hornady. Usually the first round would fire then a click. Sometimes maybe 2 rounds might fire then a click.No rhyme or reason. Will try and get you the spring info and stuff tomorrow. Dont get off work till 7 in the morning. Didnt Fuk with the trigger other than the Screw for the trigger pull weight which is external so didn’t mess with any internals.
  7. Elftmann trigger WARNING

    Head space was not checked. That was going to possibly be my next step would be standard trigger and see how it functions. Sounds like this trigger has a drop safety and that seems to be catching. Maybe i need to increase poundage all the way and see if that cause it to catch fully cocked instead of the drop safety?
  8. Elftmann trigger WARNING

    Kind off late to the party but recently built an AR10 in 6.5 CM. I have had issues with the Elftmann trigger since I have first attempted to use it. My original issue was my BCG would not cycle fully and get hung up. My issue ,I had the trigger poundage adjustment screw to far out and was catching the BCG, fixed. Second issue was light primer strikes. Found out my set screws onto the bottom plate were not tight enough. Thought that fixed it. Went to range a couple days ago and ran 125 gr. Winchester, 25 rounds without an issue. Went to a 143 ELD X in Hornady precision hunter and the light primer strikes came back. I actually got to speak with Art at Elftmann and after explaining the sound it makes on the primer strikes with no ignition as a twangy spring sound he said that the BCG is to blame as it is not fully engaging the trigger each time and I am only getting an 85% strike from hammer. I am lost on that one but I also am not a smith or highly educated in AR platforms. If I am manually putting a round in the chamber with the discharge handle, pulling it fully to the rear shouldn't that fully engage the trigger? I had light strikes after manual and as well after a normal cycle after a successful shot. It did eject the spent brass. Do you think this is a BCG issue, Trigger issue or possibly the bolt not seating 100% and the light primer strike due to the minutely larger grain bullet not letting it seat correctly. Thanks for any help or advice you might have. I am way past my knowledge at this point.