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  1. UrbanHunter97

    Oops my wallet is empty. First .308AR build.

    I've heard that too. Haven't bought one yet because of that. I have the Ergo F93 stock on my .223 that I'm thinking about just switching over and getting a Magpul UBR for my .223
  2. UrbanHunter97

    Oops my wallet is empty. First .308AR build.

    I currently have the Aero Precision .308 Carbine spring and buffer.
  3. UrbanHunter97

    Oops my wallet is empty. First .308AR build.

    So I've been acquiring parts as the budget allows BCM Charging Handle No-Mar upper vice block No-Mar mag vice block Buffer Spring Buffer Gas Tube LPK I have also been looking around at other builds for inspiration and ideas. I think the next purchase will be the barrel. I am gonna go with a 18.5" FA by Criterion (This will be ordered when then next pay check arrives). That brings me to my next question. FA offers this barrel with a plain muzzle or a threaded muzzle. Are there any advantages of a plain muzzle or is it all personal preference?
  4. UrbanHunter97

    Oops my wallet is empty. First .308AR build.

    First part in, I went ahead and went with the assembled upper because it was on sale.
  5. UrbanHunter97

    Oops my wallet is empty. First .308AR build.

    After doing some research I think I'm gonna go with the Criterion. As for the optic, I've started looking at the Nikon M308, everything I've seen about it has all been pretty positive. What is the benefit of SLR/Superlative over the JP Also, Thank you for your input. I am pretty in the dark especially with shooting over 150 yards
  6. UrbanHunter97

    Oops my wallet is empty. First .308AR build.

    Also, are Compensators necessary for what I'm wanting?
  7. Hey all, I'm starting my very first .308AR build. In the past I've built two AR15s in .223 and one 9mm PCC. I have most of the basic knowledge down but I'm probably going to need some help. The goal of the build is to have a rifle that I can take out in the field hunting and to the range and shoot 500+ yards accurately. As of now I have an Aero Precision M5 Upper and will be purchasing the lower as soon as I turn 21 (only a few more months) in the meantime I'll be building out the upper completely and probably snagging myself a trigger. Planned Parts: Aero Precisions Upper Aero Precision Lower Aero Precision 15" keymod handguard BARREL, I'm thinking 18" don't know what brand though. Rifle Length. Rise Armament Compensator or Lantac Dragon Rise Armament RA-434 High Performance Trigger (maybe RA-140) Rise Armament .308 BCG or Aero Precision .308 BCG LuthAR MBA1 rifle stock LuthAR chubby grip OPTIC, I'm thinking I might go with a lower end Vortex JP low pro adjustable gas block All of that is tentative and I'm open to suggestions. I'm in the dark with what barrel to go with and what optic so any suggestions are appreciated. Keep in mind I'm working with a college student's budget...