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  1. I will. I applied for membership there a week or two ago and just got approval today. So, yes, I'll get there!
  2. Absolutely there is less kick. Even though the rifle is light, the weight of the BCG combined with the gas system capacity and the buffer spring recoil is very manageable in both semi and FA fire. The Portugese had an adjustable gas valve in the front sight as you may know. I like the fluted barrel of the Sudanese, way ahead of it's time. As you may know the front barrel shroud was not installed on all of these units (with the bayonet lug on it). Anyways, yes, recoil is very manageable!
  3. jegcdn

    New here, but not to AR's

    Hi everyone, Looks like an interesting site. I like the fact you refer to it as 308AR, as there are so many renditions of this firearm out there by various makers. I happen to own some original Armalite AR10's, Portugese and Sudanese (Netherlands manufacture). Some are complete and functional, others need a few parts to complete their restoration to working examples. Very different from the current renditions which I jokingly refer to as "12.5's" Since they basically are .308 dimensions ("AR10") from the front half of the lower forward and .223 dimensions ("AR15") through the rear ;) LOL I enjoy all variations of these models and own and build "AR" style rifles and pistols in a variety of calibers. I am a licensed gunsmith, own a shop, but am NOT here for business purposes. Many guns of this style grace my own collection and I use them, personally, regularly. The main reason I have come here is to attempt to track down and acquire original AR10 parts to complete restorations of some of the examples in my collection. Look forward to contributing where I can to the various forums. :)
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. Yes, I've checked with Armalite, which is actually about the third rendition of the company since the 50's. According to the guy I spoke with there they do not even use the same bolt face spacing on the lugs. Have chatted with people in Europe and nothing in the way of parts there either, so far. I will get around to an intro and pics once things slow down here a bit. I own a gunsmithing shop and am in the height of "post hunting season" repairs. I am attempting contact with Portugal and Sudan to see if they may have anything in the way of parts still laying around in a warehouse somewhere. If so I would look at picking up whatever they might have, obviously. From what I have been able to determine so far is the original Knight SR25 is the best possibility for a bolt other than the original. As it was made when Gene Stoner worked with Reed Knight, it was supposedly (from the limited info I've been able to gather) internally nearly identical to the original. I know it utilized the same magazine as well. But I have not been able to get any definitive info out of Knight as they appear uninterested in anyone who is not a military purchaser. Anyway, will see what can be found and if something might come up here. All the best guys!
  5. Hello everyone. I'm new here but have in my collection a couple of original AR10's, one Portugese and one Sudanese. I also have spare parts that equal about 80% of another complete gun. So, I am searching for a complete BCG. Yes, I know it is a long shot, but, it's worth a shot ;) Have been shooting and collecting original AR10's since picking my first one up in the early '80's.