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  1. Very nice. Weather pending I’m trying it out this weekend
  2. You are right. I didn’t even think about the trigger it has!!!!
  3. Scope came in today!!!! 98Z you were absolutely right. This scope is very solid!!!! Gorgeous piece. Feels like a $1,000 Scope!!! I just need to order a mono pod. Any trigger upgrade recommendations? Other upgrades?
  4. Scope mount mounted. Few days Scope will be here and I’ll be good to go!!!
  5. My ArmLite Scope ring mount came in today!!! This thing feels solid. Scope should be here in a few days!!!! Thank guys.
  6. Well I bought the scope recommended by 98Z along with the flip up lens covers. I’m ordering the Armalite one piece scope mount now.
  7. Ha ha you are awesome. I am ordering the PA Scope and the medium height mount tonight!!!!!!!
  8. Okay great. Should I get the medium one or high one.
  9. Guys, I am very appreciative of all of the help, support and feedback. This is amazing
  10. Perfect!!!!! I am going to get the PA scope you suggested along with this mount!!! Should I do this mount or the taller one you were talking about? Maybe taller is better for future upgrade to higher mag scope with thicker front end? Or this one is great? Thanks for all of this support!!
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