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  • Birthday 12/02/1950

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    Harts Lake, WA, E. of Yelm
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    Shootin schtuff, High performance recumbent trikes (Catrike 700 and Expedition), Velomobiles, did the 2011 ROAM tour in a prototype Pterovelo, precision machine work. The usual shit retired fools get into, except golf.
  1. Ph0t0n

    Pacific Northwest shooters

    Remember this isn't the PNW, it is the GPNW. The Great Pacific North West. Don't want people thinkin we're somewhere near the old North West. I'm thinking of joining over at the Tacoma Sportsmen range rather on Canyon Blvd. rather then the Paul Bunyan range over on S. Meridian. Anyone familiar with both and have an opinion? Thanks.
  2. Ph0t0n

    Pacific Northwest shooters

    A few miles East of Yelm, on the North side of Harts Lake. By road the nearest town would be McKenna.
  3. Ph0t0n

    Another old Marine checking in

    Thank you.
  4. I was pissed when they made me turn in my 14 for the 16. Back then it was a piece of poop, the round still is IMHO. Couple it with something like the .308/7.62 and the technology available today and I think it makes a pretty effective short, to mid range firearm. As always YMMV. Eight years in the suck, S/N 2502006, 68-76. Whilst I didn't like the years, I loved most of the minutes. Just starting a new build, based on the DPMS G1 pattern. Should be fun, I will have questions, hopefully someone will have answers and enlighten me and remove the shadow of ignorance, from my mostly empty brain housing group. Thank you and all who sail in you.