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Everything posted by FastbackJon

  1. FastbackJon

    DPMS GII Feed Ramps

    DPMS GII MOE New rifle, just breaking in. Having some failure to feed issues. Seeing dented brass even when no failure to feed. So I check out the feed ramps and see the DPMS detachable steel feed ramp sits quite a bit higher than the ramps in the lower. Should I be concerned about this? If so send it back or dremel it myself? Thanks!
  2. FastbackJon

    DPMS GII Feed Ramps

    Lancers, I'll check that out. Thank you.
  3. FastbackJon

    DPMS GII Feed Ramps

    Thanks for the info on the soft points. I'll start using ball ammo only going forward. And good tips on the magazine. I have been using PMAG Gen3. The brass rounds from Federal actually cycled better than the steel cased Tula 150g ball ammo rated at 2800 fps (yeah, I know, but it was cheap). I believe those were short stroking where the bolt carrier wouldn't get pushed back far enough to grab the rear of the cartridge, and instead the carrier would run along the side and put a big scratch in it. The rifle should be adequately lubed, so from what I read it's either not broken in enough yet, the buffer is too stiff, it is under gassed, or the rounds are weak. I was mostly wondering about the alignment ridge in the middle of the feed ramp and the dents in the brass, but no one seems to think the feed ramp is a concern. I'll get some M80 ball brass cased ammo and see how that runs.