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  1. ***I should have posted this in member builds, I don't want to double post. If a mod would like to move this, please do so*** I had my friends at a local gun shop check the head space with go/no go gauges and it had no problems going into battery.
  2. This beast is done, I will post range results once I get it sighted in. 80% Arms lower, completed with their jig. Magpul PRS Stock Magpul padded sling Ballistic Advantage 1 in 10 twist, 18 inch barrel Aero Precision upper and hand guard Harris bipod Accushot monopod LaRue QD mount Primary Arms 4-14 308 BDC ACSS Scope VG6 Gamma Muzzle device Gunskins magazine wrap Ergo Deluxe Super Grip I did polish up the trigger with my ceramic stones and it has a clean break. Basic CMMG fire control group. Compared to building an 80% 1911, this is a walk in the park. I have 168 Grain Federal and 175 Grain SSA in route for break in and testing. It's a big damn rifle and it should be fun. I'm debating adding BUIS sights but that will be a future addition.
  3. Columbus area, so not too far.
  4. Totally would, but they don't make an upper, they recommend an Aero Precision. I started a thread in the 80% lower section Thanks
  5. I have used the 80% Arms Gen 2 jig a few times for AR15 Lowers. I love the jig set, it' very well engineered. The jig does both AR15 and AR10, time to try a 308 build. From what I gather, their 308 lower pattern is DPMS pattern Gen 1. They recommend an Aero Precision upper. I have no problem with that upper, but I would like to know if anyone has have experience with fitment from an 80 Percent Arms Lower to any other upper besides an Aero Precision upper. I would appreciate any input. Thanks
  6. Hello all, Not new to fire arms. Just haven't assembled an AR10 yet. I have built up many 80% kits. SS 1911 Multiple AR15 platforms 1919 belt fed 1917 water cooled belt fed I'm going to have a few questions, I will search as best I can, but they will be specific. I have an 80% arms lower on the way. I look forward to reading all of your posts.
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