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  1. Traijin

    Completed AR 308 80% Build

    ***I should have posted this in member builds, I don't want to double post. If a mod would like to move this, please do so*** I had my friends at a local gun shop check the head space with go/no go gauges and it had no problems going into battery.
  2. This beast is done, I will post range results once I get it sighted in. 80% Arms lower, completed with their jig. Magpul PRS Stock Magpul padded sling Ballistic Advantage 1 in 10 twist, 18 inch barrel Aero Precision upper and hand guard Harris bipod Accushot monopod LaRue QD mount Primary Arms 4-14 308 BDC ACSS Scope VG6 Gamma Muzzle device Gunskins magazine wrap Ergo Deluxe Super Grip I did polish up the trigger with my ceramic stones and it has a clean break. Basic CMMG fire control group. Compared to building an 80% 1911, this is a walk in the park. I have 168 Grain Federal and 175 Grain SSA in route for break in and testing. It's a big damn rifle and it should be fun. I'm debating adding BUIS sights but that will be a future addition.
  3. Traijin

    Traijin from Ohio

    Columbus area, so not too far.
  4. Traijin

    Traijin from Ohio

    Totally would, but they don't make an upper, they recommend an Aero Precision. I started a thread in the 80% lower section Thanks
  5. I have used the 80% Arms Gen 2 jig a few times for AR15 Lowers. I love the jig set, it' very well engineered. The jig does both AR15 and AR10, time to try a 308 build. From what I gather, their 308 lower pattern is DPMS pattern Gen 1. They recommend an Aero Precision upper. I have no problem with that upper, but I would like to know if anyone has have experience with fitment from an 80 Percent Arms Lower to any other upper besides an Aero Precision upper. I would appreciate any input. Thanks
  6. Traijin

    Traijin from Ohio

    Hello all, Not new to fire arms. Just haven't assembled an AR10 yet. I have built up many 80% kits. SS 1911 Multiple AR15 platforms 1919 belt fed 1917 water cooled belt fed I'm going to have a few questions, I will search as best I can, but they will be specific. I have an 80% arms lower on the way. I look forward to reading all of your posts.