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  1. omnip0tent

    308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    Hey guys I don't mean to 2nd guess all of your input but I've had a buddy re-word my question as I think you guys don't fully understand what I'm asking... I'm asking "if there are issues running an M4-style receiver extension with rifle gas on an 18" rifle?" Which I've been told there will be short stroking issues.
  2. omnip0tent

    308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    Thanks for the info guys. Just to clarify: You CAN use an Armalite buffer system with any pattern .308 AR rifle, DPMS or Armalite? Do you guys happen to have a link of the Armalite buffer system just so I can indulge my curiosity?
  3. omnip0tent

    308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    Yep I follow all that. But without actually having all these configurations to test myself I am asking you guys who hopefully have shot a few different configs for input. Will an 18"-20" barrel with a rifle gas system, function with a Carbine buffer/spring/extension. Or do you think there might be some issues with this config? -https://aeroprecisionusa.com/m5-308-carbine-buffer-kit.html -https://aeroprecisionusa.com/m5e1-308-18in-rifle-ss-complete-upper.html Im thinking the confusion might be that my question is so obviously dumb you're not even registering my concern. & of course that barrel length w/ rifle gas system will work with any carbine buffer stuff.
  4. omnip0tent

    308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    Sorry if my post sounds ignorant. Just came here to learn. So what exactly do you mean I have 2 different things going on? 1) My entire build consists of AERO m5 stuff (Minus the furniture) so this is all DPMS pattern if I am not mistaken. I will not be switching to armalite because I already have the DPMS Aero Lower. And from all the reading I've done, now I will need a (DPMS) pattern upper. 2) My question specifically is referring to the barrel length and gas system I choose, working with the carbine buffer I have. Here are some links so you guys can see my concern specifically. WILL THESE TWO PARTS WORK WELL TOGETHER IN A BUILD? -https://aeroprecisionusa.com/m5-308-carbine-buffer-kit.html Work with -https://aeroprecisionusa.com/m5e1-308-18in-rifle-ss-complete-upper.html Or would these 2 parts be cause for concern of the gun being undergassed?
  5. omnip0tent

    308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    I 've pieced together my ar-15 lower, and bought a complete BCM upper ( that was my first rifle) It was great and easy. This will be my 2nd rifle, and I wanted a .308... (It's all DPMS) *** I've purchased: -Aero m5 stripped Lower - Aero m5 LPK (w/o FCG & Grip) - Trigger and Grip of choice (magpul and CMC) - Aero m5 Carbine buffer extension with buffer, spring, backplate & castle nut - My Carbine stock of choice (magpul Sl-S i think?) *** I need to purchase the ENTIRE UPPER. My plan was to buy an entire Aero Upper with Aero BCG. But I've noticed most of them come with a Rifle gas system. I was told that a rifle gas system on an 18" barrel, with a carbine buffer/spring might cause problems with the rifle fully cycling. They mentioned a Mid-Length gas system would guarantee cycling but might make for harsher recoil. As I have 0 experience with .308 AR's I just want input. I WANT an 18"-20" barrel, but with a collapsible stock. So again I think the question stands: Will a rifle length gas system on an 18"-20" barrel, work just fine using a carbine buffer/spring/extension?
  6. Hello all, Im building my first .308. Its going to be mostly an Aero build. I've got most of the parts selected. I've already built my lower, and need to decide on my upper (going to buy a built one hopefully from AERO) My big question is.... I want a collapsible stock, so will the carbine buffer system i've purchased work with Rifle gas system? Or should i go mid length to be safe? I've heard mixed reviews on if it will be under gassed or not.