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    Arguing pointlessly on Facebook.

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  1. JGood


    Ok, I had never heard of that. Thanks.
  2. JGood


    I added the entire paragraph for context, but the part that confuses me is the last part. It says this well thought out upper receiver, is fully lapped. Im assuming that theyre talking about the barrel, but the wording refers to the receiver. I know you can lapp the rails on a semi auto pistol upper receiver, but can you lapp the upper receiver on a an AR-10? Starting with a 7075 T-6 billet aluminum M5E1 (.308) stripped upper receiver from Aero Precision and our premium 16" .308 WIN Lightning Series barrel this well thought-out upper receiver features a matched Aero Precision super light-weight 12" Keymod free-float handguard and is fully lapped for accuracy.
  3. Thanks, I got this a couple of years ago at a gunshow. I dont remember if or what I paid for it, Im sure it wasnt much, Im a cheap bastard. Its been sitting on a shelf waiting for me to have a reason to use it. It didnt seem worth it to use it on a pistol, and all my rifles are already "broke in" I didnt see the point in using it on a barrel that already had a couple hundred rounds through it. Im currently waiting for a my first .308, AR-10, an Aero Precision M-5. I figured I would use it on that.
  4. Anyone ever used this stuff?
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