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  1. jpick507


    Joined a while back, haven’t yet stopped in to say hello... Been a hectic few months, just moved from GA to Charlotte NC and am starting to get settled. I’ve been tinkering with AR’s for years and about 2 years ago got into the large frame LR/AR’s with a Tactical Machining lower and an 18.5” Fulton Armory upper (which I absolutely love). After making that rig my night time predator/hog gun for a while, I became tired of lugging a 14 lb gun... and have since moved to a 6.5 Grendel. Which is going to be hard to beat out. Over that time, off and on, Ive still pursued a lighter accurate rig and am in process with completion of an Aero Precision upper/lower stripped combo I picked up over a year ago... ive gone through some trial and error on setup for and now have finally committed to the 18” rifle length gas system nitrided SS Criterion barrel. Ie: I just lapped the face of the barrel extension and bedded the barrel / barrel extension with gasket sealer this past weekend... so -> committed. Hah. It will be a bit before I have a range report but I’ll look forward to getting back with more of the previous process as well as how this one shoots.
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