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  1. Well I figured I would go ahead and update this since the last of my parts arrived on Monday and I had the chance Yesterday evening to dry fit everything together. I had Randall at AR15barrels turn down a 24" DPMS bull barrel to M110'ish specs. I will say it took a while(about 2.5 months) but his finished product was MORE than worth the wait. So I guess the answer to the title of this thread is, just about anyone can provided you do your homework and get all the necessary measurements and you have someone who is able to re-profile an existing barrel. As is I am into it for about $2,400.00. Still needs glass and Cerakote, and will probably replace the trigger with a Giessele GS2 2 stage. Specs: Aero Upper/Lower, Aero LPK including trigger, Magpul MOE SL-S stock, KAK Double extractor BCG, KAK Heavy buffer with springco orange spring; KAC URX 3 rail system; KAC Double High Gas Block; KAC M110 flash hider; Strike Industires extended latch charging handle.
  2. In the process of building my first .308 based AR as well. Have built many 5.56's but this is the first in .308. My one suggestion would be to try and get an overall idea of what you want in both performance and looks before you order any more parts. I started out with the same upper/lower as you, all I have left is the BCG, charging handle, and optics left to buy. I made the mistake of looking at the M110 and now I have over $2k in it and still have more to go. I've used Faxon barrels in a few AR-15's and they are gtg and hard to beat for the $. The gunner profile is almost a perfect profile. A friend of mine is building one too and that's probably the route he is going to take.
  3. I decided to just go with the DPMS. I do not shoot competitively and I do not hand load(yet) so the little bit of advantage the Criterion may give me would never be realized. The $100 difference while small will cover a good portion of what I am having to put out to have the barrel re-profiled so it will help me from a budget standpoint, I am not trying to nickle and dime the build but I also don't want to sit back at the end and realize I could have bought one off the shelf, of the same quality, for the same or less cost. Or conversely, build a $5,000 rifle that shoots just the same as a $2000 rifle.
  4. Sent an e-mail to SRS Monday evening, still haven't heard back from them yet. I've been going back and fourth with Randall at AR15barrels and I think thats the way I'm going to go. He told me if I get a bull barrel he can re-contour it to for the M110 gas block and put the correct threads on it for the M110 flash hider. I found 2 barrels in stock, both of them are SS 1:10 twist 24" bull barrels that he can chop to 20" One is a DPMS, the other is a FA Criterion 1:10 twist 4 groove. Not sure what the 4 groove is, Ive heard of 5R, etc but not 4 groove. Just trying to decide which way to go here. There is about $100.00 difference between them, I highly doubt I would see any acurracy difference between the 2 to justify the $100.00 difference. Any thoughts?
  5. So other than the port issue and the x-caliber rep, would you buy another barrel from them? Decision is killing me, I think I'm going to wait to see what Randall says about modifying a longer barrel then make my choice from there.
  6. I actually just came across a barrel that can be configured for what I need but it is from X-Caliber, haven't heard a whole lot of good on their barrels though.
  7. I sent an email to Randall now I'm just waiting to see what he comes back with. I'm guessing the gas port size would not need to be adjusted any when cutting down from 22" to a 20" right?
  8. From what I can see the SR-25 thins out just ahead of the gas block and then steps back up. On the M110 profile I have the length, thickness under the handguard, under the gas block and then it stays .750 to the end. The main measurements I am questionable on is my measurements on the the gas port, gas block shoulder, and how far back off the muzzle the threads start. All it would take is one of those being off a little to make me have a very expensive paperweight.
  9. I believe Boots is somewhat out of comission right now. I know Charlie's Customs was working with Obermeyer to produce M110 barrels but with the limited numbers he will be putting out getting my hands on one may be near impossible. I signed up to be notified when they are back in stock but who knows when that will come to fruition.
  10. I am planning on an M110 supressor so I will need to use both the correct flash hider and gas block. A shoulderless thread adapter would cover the muzzle device but I would have to have the gas block area turned down to .750 in order to allow the M110 gas block to mount. I guess getting the gas block turned down and using the thread adapter would be cheaper in the end then going full custom especially since I am only about 96% sure of the M110 dimensions I have managed to gather.
  11. I am still looking, you can find a lot of barrels listed as M110 but the only thing any of them have in common with the M110 is .308 and 20". Still need one with the .750 gas block and the 3/4 threads vs 5/8 that ever M110 barrel I can find has.
  12. New to the board but have been active on AR-15 boards for quite some time. I recently came across too good of a deal to pass up on an Aero upper/lower set in .308 so now its off to the races to collect parts and get it built. I love my 15's but building them has become pretty boring at this point. I would like to find a correct M110 barrel, seems like an easy enough task when I entered "M110 Barrel" in good old Mr. Google. Problem is NONE of the barrels I see called M110 are built to the M110 spec. 20" .750 gas block and threaded 3/4-24. They all seem to be .850 GB and 5/8 -24 thread. Is there no manufacturer out there that can create a proper M110 barrel other than Charlie's? I think I have most of the measurements of the true M110 profile however as much as I believe what I have is correct I am not 100% certain enough to gamble the cost of a custom barrel on it yet.
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