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  1. Thanks. I think my twisted sense of humor is the reason I've made it this far and kept a shred of sanity. Guns help!
  2. Thanks! I gotta say when I first got it total spur of the moment buy but it was a great deal. Then when I started finding parts it just took off. I did find some mags on Brownells site. Two 25 rd mags were about 100 bucks with shipping but I found this site where they have them for 35. https://www.galatiinternational.com/ar10-parts-and-accessories.html I took it out a week ago and thought it was going to destroy my shoulder but I gotta say the recoil is super manageable. I'm not a big dude 5'8" 140 and it was like shooting my 5.56, slightly more recoil but a much bigger boom! Absolutely love this thing. Thanks for all the feedback. Sure helped.
  3. Ok I had lost that old thread. I'll just give them to you. Can't take your money because that's just not how I do things. I'm an old army medic so my mantra is helping out where I can. Just let me know how I can get them to you.
  4. There was a guy on here a month or so ago that wanted the set too. Haven't heard from him in awhile. If the guy you know maybe has something in trade? I hate taking people's hard earned money if they have something around they don't want. Maybe we could work something out? The parts are from an armalite ar10a4 fixed stock as you can see and grip. The handguards are carbine length, I think 10 or 8 inches.
  5. Still waiting on some rail covers but she's finally done. Thanks to everyone with all the info I needed. Took her out last Sunday and for a 7.62 the recoil was very manageable. Great gun!!
  6. Question? Does the gas block and gas tube need to be removed to turn the nut? I'm not removing it, just tighten a couple ft/lbs to line up the sprocket with the pins on the handguard. Even if the gas block has to be loosened and the gas tube removed it sounds like it's not too involved?
  7. Thanks for that info. Safe to say if they used 40 lbs that nut could be slightly loosened or tightened with no adverse effect? Would that be a 3 hr job?
  8. Gonna call Monday but I'm sure they are going to tell me the barrel nut has to be turned a few mm. Basically the inner pins aren't seating in the sprocket on the barrel nut. Saw a video of the exact issue and they tightened the nut and it fit. Unfortunately I don't have any of the tools needed and this shop is saying it's a 3 hr job. Gonna call armalite also and see if they can give me the threshold on the ft/lbs on that nut. It just doesn't seem like a 3 hr job, maybe an hour? I think the job was too small so they blew it off and tried to sell me on a free floating handguard which I don't want. Just going to keep at it..
  9. Bought a MI drop in handguard for my rifle. Ran into a small technical issue with the barrel nut. The handguard has 4 pins that line up with the 'divots' in the barrel nut but are not lined up. I don't have the tools to do it myself so I took it to a local gun shop. I was told at 75/hr it would take 3 hours for them to do this. I'm not an armorer but what is the correlation between the barrel nut and the gas tube? If the gas block is loosened to remove the gas tube can't the barrel nut be tightened or loosened a few mm so the pins line up? I know there are specific ft/lbs for the barell nut, shouldn't there be some tolerance either way to allow for it to be tightened ever so slightly? Any info will be much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Thanks! I think the tactical tailor might be the closest. Saw them a few weeks ago. Probably my best bet unless I find a drum mag pouch that I can carry more.
  11. Cordura, something preferably with molle attachment.
  12. Hey all been looking all over for a double mag pouch for 25rd armalite mags? Ordered one that thought would work but only one will fit, two are too tight. Anyone have one that will hold two? Thought about just getting a large pouch but would rather a molle mag pouch. Thanks if anyone has some input.
  13. Called armalite and they got all the parts together for the stock change...as stated above just call them!
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