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  1. Did you ever paint that gun, if so I'd love to see some pics and here how well the paint held up.
  2. You should let us know how it works out, and pics too 😊
  3. Has anyone used this type yet, not finding too much review on it, I love that I don't have to bake it.
  4. Thank you for the replies gentlemen, I'm hoping the bipod and level I bought will help take out whatever errors I'm making, I'll find out next time I make it to the range.
  5. I'm looking at your chart, if I'm reading it correctly, you have a 20yrd zero and by 75yds it's dropped over 5 inches, with the ballistic calculator I use, it only drops about 2 inchs at that distance, maybe I input the info wrong. I'm still fairly new to this, but a 5 inch rise by moving the target 25 yrd just seems excessive to me, am I wrong or is that really plausible? I'm using factory ammo hornady american white 165grn with a 16 inch barrel, not sure about the actual velocity but I'm inputting 2500fps into the calculator.
  6. The gun is used for hunting pigs, deer and coyotes, in my area the woods are thick, so the range will be 5 yds to about 75yds realistically. I used the Hornady ballistic calculator and it show where with a 50 yd zero, the POI should be about an 1 1/2" high at 75 yds, but I'm getting about 5" high, I'm not sure if it's me doing something wrong, hopefully the bypod will help whenever I go to the range again.
  7. Thanks for the replies, a little more info, I'm zeroing at 50yds, then moving the target to 75yds, I'm sitting at a very stable bench resting the hand gaurd only on a wood box they provide at the range. I just bought a bipod to attach to it so hopefully the next time I'll be able to use that instead of the box, also the rifle is .308 caliber and shoots very good groups even with cheap ammo.
  8. Hey guys, I know there's a correction chart for pistols for why POI is where it is, I'm looking for one for rifles. Whenever I zero my scope and then move the target only 25 yrd, I'm hitting about 6" high, I'm doing everything the same way, but POI is way higher than its supposed to be. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because of this I'm not confident enough to go hunting in fear of a bad shot.
  9. Thanks never saw that one before.
  10. Hello everyone, I have a Savage MSR 10 in .308 and I'm looking for recommendations on a good ambi charging handle, right now I'm looking at the Radian Raptor LT, Novesketch Supper Badass, and the POF Strike Eagle. Can anyone add to the list of ones I should be looking at also, not sure how much I'm willing to spend yet, I guess it all depends on what kind of deals I can find on black Friday. lol Any input would be greatly appreciated, the new scope I'm using really makes it hard to use the stock handle.
  11. Here's an update, got the trigger and it fell right in no problems, great improvement over the stock one.
  12. The Hunter has a single stage trigger, not sure who makes is but it's around 8 lbs, I'd like to drop that to between 3 and 5 lbs.
  13. Thank you, that helps, I'm hoping the Larue will just slide in with no issues.
  14. I asked Larue and they said as long as the Savage lower is mil-spec it'd work., I'm still trying to get in touch with Savage for an answer.
  15. I'm checking to see if anyone has a Savage MSR 10 and has put a LaRue trigger in it, I know the Savage has a custom lower so I'm not sure if the MBT would have an issues fitting in one.
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